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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well, the general consensus is... I've been reading too many LEGO webcomics!!!

Okay, as you can tell from the title of this post, I've gotten into the whole LEGO webcomic thing. And, you can also see, I've been reading them too much!! So much, in fact, that I'm starting to see my life as a webcomic. Who would make MY life into a webcomic?!
The reason for this is that I've been reading the "Brick House" webcomic, also called "Reasonably Clever". In that comic, there is no plot and the characters say hilariously weird things that just make you laugh even though they're just plain moronic. I say things like that all the time. Well, all the time within the past, like, month. Sooo, well, the general consensus is... I've been reading too many LEGO webcomics!!! So now I think I'm in a webcomic! Urgh, just thinking about what Mom'll say in response to this makes me want to, well, I don't know, finish my bottle of Mountain Dew? I think I will...

*the rest of my Mountain Dew later*

Ugh... too much fizzy nausea... This is why I prefer flattened pop...

Okay, now that I've finished my Mountain Dew, I'll be able to stay up ultra-late tonight and maybe get to sneak out to the living room and use the computer!! *evil laugh*

Some advice: DON'T USE BAD PUNS!!!!!

That was your ITTBM advice for this post!!! There might just be more in this post too if I think of any...

An interesting fact: Mountain Dew doesn't affect how tired my mind feels (lately, the caffeine has only been affecting my body, so when I'm mentally tired, I'm physically wide-awake. Ugh...)

And, finally, my latest food craving!!! No, I'm not pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I currently want: A BAGEL!!! Maybe Mom'll make a bagel for me.

She said no for right now, but possibly later. :)

Ugh, need something to type about.

My mom got a new steam mop!!!
MEHP(game show wrong answer buzzer. Don't know how it's actually spelled, so I made up my own spelling!!)

How about... I still haven't gotten my bagel!!!!! That reminds me, I only just got the idea to give you...

LIIINK TIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!(notice how I used the extra I's? Crafty, right?)



Well, can't think of anything else to type at you about...