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Friday, January 27, 2012

Thought of a new way to blog

Not entirely different, but I was thinking maybe a weekly update, on Fridays, cause I have more time and more things to update you with.

Like the fact that I've discovered a new way to listen to 50's-80's music without YouTube searching every song.


I'm currently listening to Micheal Jackson's Thriller, cause I can. This is an awesome site for old music! (Mom, you should go on it. You can listen to the Ramones!)

Anyway. The Super-Stupid-Bowl is coming up. I think Mom will be happy to hear that the Patriots will be playing this year! Patriots verse Giants on February fifth, all over TV. Sadly, I have no TV of my own, so I think I'll have to watch Mom's "home state" play.

Weird fact: Mom thinks New England is her home state. You've never been to New England, Mom! And New England is a REGION, not a state!

Now I'm listening to Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar. Just cause, why not?

Remember how, Monday, I told you that I would find out the MathCounts test results on Tuesday? I "lied". Actually, I made a mistake. I forgot that there was s second part to the test. Next Tuesday I will find out the true results! But, as of last Tuesday, I am (yet again) second to Kyle! The bastard! (Not really!)

Yeah, can't think of any other-

The school flooded last Friday! I can't find any news articles about it, and I wasn't there, so I can't really describe it well.

Nothing more to say, so...


Monday, January 23, 2012

My AWESOMENESS Never Fails to Amaze...

Me, People, the People that Watched the Spelling Bee... etc.

Anyway, on with the post.

I got second place in the school spelling bee today! I know, I know, why am I not crying and moping, you ask. It's because I lost to the smartest guy in school, Kyle. I don't care that I lost to him, I still won! (In my opinion.)

Okay, off the topic of spelling bees, I will now present you with my Schedule of Awesome!
- -
Tomorrow- Find out if I beat Kyle at the MathCounts test!
February 11- Mathcounts competition!
Sometime at the end of February- County spelling bee!
March something- Music contest!
April something- Tri-County concert!
May 30- My Birthday!
June or July something- A wedding! Of one of my many cousins!
August I don't know what to who knows when- County Fair!
You all know about the big holidays.
January 14- ITTBM's THIRD Birthday!

But that last one's a ways away. Still, tomorrow is mentioned above! (Tomorrow is January 24, if you didn't read the post date of this post.)

Anyway. I can't think of anything to write anymore!


PS, I hope this was an adaquate post.
PPS. I know I spelled adequate wrong. That word was the cause of me NOT winning the spelling bee. *angry face*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, ITTBM!

Interesting Things That Bore Me (ITTBM) is two years old as of Saturday! Isn't that just awesome?

Okay, I really want to write something completely and totally awesome for this birthday post, but sadly, I have writer's block. :(

Like really, I want to write something totally awesome that will wow the pants off you, my readers. But I just can't! You pants shall stay un-wowed.

Still can't think of anything. So, I'm letting Fred the Psychotic Hobo take over for now!
- -
Hey blog readers, remember me? Fred, the psychotic hobo?

I'm baaack!! And less psychotic than before!

See, RJ told me that if I tried to be less psycho and more nice, I could continue to hang out in the basement and eat the abundant fruit snacks this house contains. I love fruit snacks...

Well, as ITTBM has been around for two years now, I think we ought to have ourselves a little party! But, RJ says no parties for me. I never get to have parties... But RJ does let me play with her abundant LEGOs! I love playing with LEGOs. They're so fun and blocky! I built myself a house with them, but I can't fit in it. If I could, I would move out of RJ's basement and into the backyard! Another not-so-good thing about LEGOs, they're not insulated! My house would be cold in all the snow outside!

Did RJ tell you that last Thursday we had a bit of a snowstorm? We did! She got out of school early because of the snow! And there's more snow now! RJ's attempting to build an igloo, well not right now of course, so maybe I could move into the igloo once she finishes it!
- -
Yeah, that's enough from Fred. He keeps pestering me about the igloo I started yesterday! Anyway, did Fred successfully wow the pants off you guys? If not, that's okay. It would probably be better if you kept your pants on in this cold weather!

Can't think of anything else. Hopefully I at least wowed the hats off of you! Even if you're not wearing hats! By the way, if you weren't wearing a hat when you started reading this post, it means it was wowed off you without being exposed to the awesomeness of this birthday post!

Now, to finish off this post, a birthday song.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear ITTBM,
Happy birthday to yoooou... | |
And here's a birthday caaake...

RJ (and Fred the Psychotic Hobo)

Happy Second Birthday, ITTBM!