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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Randomness... and TUBAS!!

Okay, I'm back from vacation, I have a new little brother, and I've started 7th grade. ALSO, I get to try out the tuba on Monday!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY-YAY-YAY!!!

Too crazy for you? Okay then, I guess... I'll... be bored.

(non-existent drum roll or something of the sort)



There's your link!

OKAY... now I'm bored.

So... bye?


(P.S. I'll post more stuff later, when I can actually think of something other than tubas and boredom.)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I need a pool!!~~AGAIN!!!

Well, I'm out of Yellowstone. Yellowstone doesn't have internet.

Or pools!
AND, neither does this hotel. So, this will be the 4th day of this vacation without swimming! Hopefully, Laramie has a pool! The reason I really want to swim now is that I saw people in Yellowstone swimming in a special part of one of the lakes set aside for swimming. Before that, I had no problems with the lack of pools in Yellowstone.

So... pool needed! Jackson, Wyoming, is a ski town. People want hot tubs, not pools. Good for them, not good for me!

Random fact/ weather info: NW Illinois will be experiencing a lightning storm sometime around 6:30pm today(Friday, July 23).

Okay, you're probably bored with this now,


Saturday, July 17, 2010

V-2: Wall Drug, Crazy Tourism, and a water park.

Well, fkjdfsjdhj. I don't have my camera.

Okay, on a happier note, I am-sorta-a time traveler. I traveled into mountain time today, meaning that I gained an hour, giving my day 25 hours instead of 24. Or maybe still 24, I don't know.

Tomorrow's post will be... -imaginary drum roll- ...Mount Rushmore!! Yay!!

Actually, I do have my camera. It was in my phone case.
Okay, tomorrow I will post some pictures. Going to go now,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Day 1: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Today was a relatively boring day, just driving from home to Council Bluffs, Iowa. That's why the picture is a fridge with a bat, a tiny bottle of Coca-Cola, and a cup of iced tea.
On the way here, we stopped in a little town that I don't know the name of to eat. At the gas station, I got internet access, and that was nice, and at Subway I got the iced tea. The Coca-Cola was already in the truck.
When we got here, we checked in, brought the stuff into the room, and I went swimming in the hotel pool. The pool was crowded with a bunch of obnoxious boys, and I got hit a couple times, accidentally. After swimming, we came back to the room, I dried off, got some snacks, and set up the laptop after taking the picture of the cute little fridge in the cabinet.
I'm bored now, so I'm going to go look up time zone locations to see when we will cross into mountain time, tell Facebook my location, and find out what that town is called!

Vacation Day!

Today is the day I go on vacation. I have things to do in the truck, things to do before I leave, and things to do at the hotel. I plan to Map Quest directions for each day so I can navigate, and I will put those directions, without the pictures, on a Notebook document since there's no internet on the highway.
Okay, now that the Map Questing is done, I can get to checking Facebook one last time and finishing this post before packing up the laptop. Well, I do have until 2:00 to do stuff, so I don't know if I should pack up the laptop just yet. Who knows? By the way, I was on Map Quest with the copy/pasting for at least half an hour, so the line up there with the stars is a time gap. I will be posting a picture or two in the next post for today, and it will probably -oh, God, I sat on the remote and changed the channel to a soap opera!- sorry, got off topic there, okay, the picture in tonight's post will probably contain either scenery, action figures, or Mango the bat. Mango came with on my Arkansas vacation 2 years ago, and she's coming with now. Gonna check Facebook now, a time gap star line will probably come soon. Not a half-hour one, hopefully!
Back now. I don't know what to do! I have an hour and a half until vacation. Gonna go not be bored, I'll be back soon with a time gap!
Well, actually, gotta go for vacation early.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I can't think of a title for this post

Okay, printer setup didn't go well. I don't have a USB cord. Ugh! Well, at least I posted the link! Okay, bored of this post, so I will go. This may be the shortest post since January! FYI: January was when I started this blog.
PS: The link is in the post before this one.
I will post tomorrow, probably with tons of exclamation points!

Vacation's Tomorrow!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Vacation is TOMORROW!! Which means that at about 2:00pm tomorrow, I will be heading to Council Bluffs, Iowa! I plan to play Sims along the way, as there's no internet on the highway. But that's only if I bring the disc for the game. Oh, and I want to post a map of the approximate route for vacation. If you want, you can MapQuest it yourself. If you're interested, that is. Anyone reading this, please comment so that I know how many people read my blog(yes, that means you, too, Mom!). Well, since my printer's not hooked up, I can't scan the picture; it wouldn't work from MapQuest. For now, I'll do a link. Here's the approximate route for vacation. Check it out! You know, I only just figured out how to make non-link text into a link. I've seen it before on my mom's blog, but I never knew how to do it until this post. I'm posting this for now, I'll hook up the printer-which can scan too-and get back to you with the picture.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can't thinkof anything to post, but I want to blog!!

Stupid typos. I'll just stop correcting them! So, after the blank line following this header, you can figure it out for yourself. I may translate in the next post.

I want to post something, but I don't know what to post! So, I'll just talk about whatwecver comes to minsd. Basd typos, right? I'm not very goosd at typing "correctly" as my computer teacher says it. ... No, not tubas. Blogged about them enough alreadsy. Pi? No. Ranting? no. Vacation? No. cant think. too bored.

by, e
I HATE THIS KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tubas and Baritones: What's the Difference?

Ok, I've decided to explain the difference between tubas and baritones.

  1. Size: Tubas are huge. Baritones are just big.
  2. Music: Tubas read ONLY bass clef. Baritones can read either treble or bass clef.
  3. Notes and Range: Tubas play lower notes than baritones, and have a larger range because of that.
  4. Tone: Tubas have a deeper tone than baritones.
  5. Variety within category: This means the different types of each, and the variety of names for them. Tubas have sousaphones within their category, and baritones have euphoniums and the alternate name of mini-tuba.
  6. Superpowers: Tubas can have small children put in them, and baritones can have apples and small balloons put in them. I have experience with the baritone things.
  7. Similarity with other instruments: I mean names and size similarities with other instruments. Trumpets and cornets have the size thing, saxophones have the name thing(Tubax and Baritone Saxophone(Bari Sax), along with other instruments.
  8. Awesomeness: Tubas are more awesome(awesomer?) than baritones, because they're bigger. But baritones still rock.
  9. Ability to be blogged about: This is my 3rd or 4th mention of baritones and tubas in a blog post. That's just cool on its own!

I really have to go now, my brother's getting into something!



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Excitement! YAY!!

Okay, I get that I haven't been on in, what, a month. Sorry, but I've been busy, what with hanging out with my friend, yes, only one; watching 2 seasons of In Plain Sight, my favorite show of June, and the third season the day of the season 3 finale; and getting ready for vacation. Yes, vacation. I'm going to Yellowstone National Park, you know, the one in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, but mainly in Wyoming. I will be away from home for 11 days, but I'll still blog! I'm bringing the laptop with, and will try to take a nice picture for each post. I'm already packed a lot, but there's still a few things left. Like my phone, pills, and hat. I can't pack my hat, because I'm wearing my hat right now, and I have to take my pills before then. My phone, I do still have to use that before vacation. Otherwise, I'm doing good. I will be on vacation from the 16th to the 27th. That means there's still 5 days until I leave. Actually a little less than that! The places I will be are: Council Bluffs, Iowa; Rapid City, South Dakota; Billings, Montana; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming; Jackson, Wyoming; Laramie, Wyoming; Lincoln, Nebraska; and then home. I will be in SD for the weekend, in Yellowstone for 3 days, and in Laramie for the next weekend. In case you're wondering, I packed the laptop and I'm using the desktop computer right now. Okay, you probably weren't wondering about that, because the only person I know of that reads this is my mom. Oh, well, now I'm bored.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sometimes, you just need to rant. I am going to use this post to rant about stuff that I commonly find irritating.

  1. Ice cream prices: Ice cream used to cost a dollar. Now it costs $1.25!! Nonsense, I tell you, utter nonsense.
  2. Public pool prices and hours: The HS pool used to be open Monday-Friday, 1-4pm, and cost $2. Now it's open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 7-9pm, and costs $4!! By the way, in case you didn't know, it's Thursday and I have $4 so I'm going swimming!! I know you probably don't care, though.
  3. Little siblings: My brother, who is 10 years younger than me, is SO irritating!! He throws stuff into my room, throws stuff at my head, and screams his head off a lot! He's driven me crazy like 12 times already!! Well, probably only like 2, but whatever.
  4. Technology and the economy: This is a common problem. iPhones are cool, but cost a lot of money. I don't like it!!
  5. Mozilla Firefox: This is strange. I keep getting little pop-ups about opening things like virtual aquarium. It bothers me... Bother bother bother!
  6. Religion: No offense, Christians, but could you please STOP shoving your, uh I don't know, Christianity in my face!! It REALLY bothers me!!
  7. Politics: Once, at lunch, I was arguing with my 2 best friends about, guess what, POLITICS!! Bother bother bother...
  8. Mean English Teachers: Mean English teachers, a not-so-uncommon problem. My English teacher was AWFUL last school year!!
  9. Typing: Apparently, you are supposed to type a certain way, or else the Computers teacher gets angry. Or you take a long time to type a blog post. Well, it's irritating how you have to use a certain finger to type a certain letter and if you don't do it that way it's WRONG. For years of my life I typed the "wrong" way, and it worked for me! So who cares about your stupid "correct method of typing"? NOT ME!!
  10. Wal-Mart: Oh, wait, Wal-Mart isn't irritating!!
  11. Trying to think of irritating things for this post: Not tubas or Wal-Mart or anything fun and good. Wow, even this irritating thing is hard to think of reasons for it to be irritating! Nonsense, it doesn't make any sense.
  12. JUSTIN BIEBER: One of the most irritating things in the whole world!! Justin Bieber is stupid in theory and in practice!!
  13. Multiple names for the same person: Like nicknames and using your middle name as your first. I actually came across this problem recently! One of my friends went by one name, and then I got the yearbook and he had a different name!! The problem was explained to me by a friend, though. Awesome...
  14. Conformists: Conformists are people who think they must fit in or they'll die (maybe not THAT, but something of the sort), and they irritate me HORRIBLY!!!
  15. EXCLAMATION POINTS: On Facebook, I often come across people using more than two exclamation points at the end of a sentence. Irritating!!
  16. Pi and Pie: Pi and pie are different things. Pie, with an E, is a delicious dessert pastry with yummy fillings. Pi, without an E, is the number used to explain/demonstrate the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of a circle. Pi is the number 3.1415926535... and goes on FOREVER!!!
  17. Emotions: Emotions are quite irritating. I am quite emotional. I hate it!!
  18. Baritones and Euphoniums: NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!! Baritones are more cylindrical and euphoniums are more conical.
  19. Trumpets and Cornets: NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!! Trumpets are more cylindrical and cornets are more conical.
  20. Textspeak: Textspeak is stupid! Nobody understands it!!
  21. Racism: Stop being racist!!
  22. Being opposed to ANYONE just 'cause they're different: Stop with the stereotypes!!
  23. The world: The world is bothersome.
  24. Pecans: Pecans are bothersome.
  25. Walnuts: Walnuts are bothersome and taste bad.
Bye!! Comment if you think anything was funny, stupid, offensive, or just plain confusing! Bye!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I need a pool!!

I need a pool!! I want to swim!! Well, I might get to swim this weekend, because one of my relatives who lives nearby has a pool and I might get to swim there!! Yay!! Too many exclamation points!! Not yay... Man, I need a pool!! It's too hot out, and the HS pool is only opened Monday-Thursday, 7-9pm!! That's lame!! Ugh, the lack of pools has angered me to the point of too many exclamation points... Someone who lives down the street from me has a pool and I can see it when I jump on my trampoline, and that makes me angry!! Argh!! Too many exclamation points...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Funny Poem

This is a funny poem I wrote.


  1. My hat is awesome
  2. It looks better than a dead possum
  3. It is red
  4. It sits upon my head
  5. My hat is plaid
  6. I think the possum's name was Brad
  7. It is also black
  8. I think the possum got squished by a yak
  9. My hat I do love
  10. That yak I would like to shove
  11. Oh no! A dove stole my hat
  12. The yak was fat
  13. I wish the yak would eat the dove
  14. There would be no terror from above
  15. But the yak would just get fatter
  16. And it would shatter the ladder
  17. Ukuleles bother me
  18. Do not ski into a tree
  19. Oh look! There goes the yak
  20. It's heading out for a snack
  21. Maybe cookies, maybe cake
  22. Maybe possums on a rake
  23. I want my hat back on my head
  24. I wish the possum wasn't dead
  25. Oh look - where's Brad?
  26. He might have ran off to go see Chad
  27. Chad is a fat yak
  28. The one that ran off for a snack
  29. I wish they would come back
  30. To launch a dove attack
  31. I wonder what that dove is named
  32. I hope my hat is not stained!
  33. I'll call the dove Ted
  34. Hopefully he likes bread
  35. I hear a yak!
  36. My animal friends have come back!
  37. We must attack Ted
  38. To get my hat back on my head
  39. Oh - look at that
  40. Ted decided to give back my hat!

That is the poem I wrote for my English project. The hat is actually real. Go to: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_DYyFjDeifR0/STwqbVB7u7I/AAAAAAAACQc/jkuDKOpoKvU/s320/WetSealBuffaloPlaidFedoraHat.jpg To see a hat like my hat. My hat doesn't have the black strip of fabric near the brim, though, the plaid just continues.

Wikihow, a website for us all!!

Wikihow is a website that everyone should use! It includes useful articles, such as How to come up with a catch phrase, How to write a book, and How to make small talk. It also includes useless but very funny articles, such as How to smile, and How to type. Everyone knows how to smile, right? You know, Wikihow is very useful, and it has all sorts of articles. Useful or stupid and funny, Wikihow articles come in all shapes and sizes. There's How to buy an Ipad, How to create a blog, and other technology-related articles. There's relationship-related articles. The main categories are: Arts and Entertainment; Cars and Other Vehicles; Computers and Electronics; Education and Communications; Family Life; Finance, Business, and Legal; Food and Entertaining; Health; Hobbies and Crafts; Home and Garden; Holidays and Tradition; Personal Care and Style; Pets and Animals; Philosophy and Religion; Relationships; Sports and Fitness; Travel; Wikihow; Work World; Youth; and Other.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Power of JESUS!!


I can't think of anything else to post, so HAPPY EASTER!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Computer!!

I am writing this post on the new computer! I know I haven't mentioned a new computer before, but it arrived unexpectedly so I couldn't know about it. When the computer got set up and turned on last night, the internet wouldn't work and they were setting it up, so I couldn't do anything on the internet until today. NEW COMPUTER!! It's a flatscreen, e-machines, black, high-tech yet easy-to-use computer with AWESOME solitaire! I love solitaire... Hmm, nothing to wikipedia today, so I can show you something cool!
Wikihow link: http://wikihow.com/Poke-Yourself-on-Facebook Only useful for facebook users, so: http://www.wikihow.com/Build-Your-Blog-As-a-Brand Good for any blogger!
Non-blogger-or-facebook-user link: http://wikihow.com Wikihow!! If the first 2 links aren't right for you, use the third link and find a wikihow article that's right for you!

Note: If the links aren't in this post, they'll be in the links section, ok?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Days Grow Shorter...

Confusing title, right? Well, I'll explain it, then. The massive earthquake in Chile actually moved some of the Earth's mass around, making it a little bit thinner, which caused the Earth to spin faster. That doesn't mean that one day is now 23 hours, it just skimmed 1.26 millionths of a second off the day. It'll take 2,174 years for one second to have been lost. According to my calculations, that amount of time will be 68371430399 seconds instead of the normal 68371430400 seconds it normally takes for 2,174 years to pass. After 4,348 years 136742860798 seconds will have passed, instead of the normal 136742860800 seconds, since the Chilean earthquake. That's a lot of math! Link: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/mar/03/local/la-me-lost-time4-2010mar04 Ok?

Note: As usual, if the link does not appear in this post, it is in the links section. Ok?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We have a Facebook fan page!!

I, as the writer and owner of this blog, have officially created a Facebook fan page for this blog! It's called "Interesting Things That Bore Me", but I bet you could have guessed, or already know from seeing the page before the blog. So... How about I post a LINK? Wait, first I'm going to improve the page, THEN I'll post the link. Ok? Ok. Finishing up the editing of the page, but now I have to publish it! Link: Ok?

Note: If the link isn't on the post, it's in the links section.

Thoughts on Facebook

Well, since the last post was about how much I don't like something, this post will be about something I do like. Facebook. Facebook is really cool, where you can connect with friends, play fun games(there are a LOT of games), or just be bored! You can become a fan of the state you live in(all the states are competing to get 1 million before the others), use any of the fun applications, become a fan of your favorite thing(Facebook's even got a fan page on Facebook!), join a group, or create your own fan page or group! Facebook's really fun. Sorry about using the word "Facebook" too often, but that's what this post is about! Link: Ok?

Note: If the link isn't in this post, I put it in the Links section.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ISAT's! Fun, fun, fun! Yea, right.

Well, since the title's confusing, I'll jump right in. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week, and today(Tuesday) and tomorrow this week, have been set aside for testing. ISAT testing, really. My least favorite part of the year. At least it's not crammed into one week like it used to be! At the Junior High, there are 3-4 parts, depending on a particular student's grade. 6th graders take Math, Reading, and - my least favorite - Writing. 7th graders take Math, Reading, Writing, and Science - my favorite subject, other than lunch - but I'm not in 7th grade. 8th graders take Math, Reading, and Writing. But I'm in 6th grade, so that's beyond the point. And that's the only personal info I'll give out on here other than my personal opinion. So... ISAT's... well... WIKIPEDIA TIME!! Oh, and the fact that I call them ISAT's does NOT give away what state I live in, because 2 states call them ISAT's. Illinois and Idaho. So... Wikipedia link now! (Actually, I correct myself, 7th graders do not take the Writing ISAT's.) Link: Ok?

-Please Note: If the link doesn't appear on this post, I have it posted in the links section.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts on the Super Stupid Bowl.

The Super Bowl, or Stupid Bowl as I call it (not to offend any football fans out there, I just think it has no purpose except to amuse people and make them get into worthless fights over, say, the Cowboys and the Saints), is, to me, worthless. Instead, on "Superbowl Sunday" I watch Animal Planet's Superbowl Parody(version) of it, the accurately named Puppy Bowl. This year is the sixth year, and they name the Puppy Bowls with Roman numerals (ex; VI, or 6) like the SuperBowl. Right now, though, Animal Planet is showing the AKC Eukanuba National Championship, or the American Kennel Club's weekly-or-monthly dog show. I don't think any of MY dogs would even be able to enter a dog show, they're so fat and unlike-breed-standards, one of the is a mixed-breed! Well, I don't think I've talked about the SuperBowl much, probably because I DON'T LIKE IT, amazing as it is! So, even though I don't really want to, I guess I'll talk about football. The only team I really ever cheer for is Nebraska, and they're not even in the NFL! I sometimes watch football, and I ask about the technical details of it, but I consider that to be in preparation for next fall's band performance at a football game. The only time I ever watched football without being in front of a TV was after a band performance at that game. Anyway, I did get kind of excited about football last year, but only because my town's football team went to STATE and WON! Seriously, who wouldn't be excited?! Well, now I think I should stop talking because my favorite group of dogs is on the dog show, the toy group.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The state of Confusion.

The state of Confusion is not an actual state in the USA, it's a state of mind, of being confused. << This is an awesome page to see. Really cool, really fun, and yet really lonely. An interesting thing that may bore some people, but will entertain me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I Think Tubas are So Awesome.

Well, since my last post was so educational, I think I'd better make this post fun. If you haven't noticed, my last post was on the number "pi". This post is about tubas and why I think they're so awesome. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuba A wikipedia page about tubas. Well, since the educational part is over, I'll tell you about why I think tubas are awesome.
1. They're so big and shiny.
2. They play really low notes, and make higher ones sound low.
3. Tubas are like 4 feet tall, and that's bigger than just about every other well-known musical instrument except bigger tubas!
4. You can fit a small dog/cat/child in the top of one.
5. Even if a tuba is old and dented, it still looks cool.
6. They come in a smaller size! It's called a baritone/euphonium, and both names are used for the same instrument. A better name for a baritone/euphonium would be mini-tuba, because it sounds a bit more realistic than giving it a whole new name!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pi - The number with a billion+ decimal places

Pi is a very interesting number. It is equal to the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi <<http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&q=pi&aq=f&oq=&aqi= <<
P.S. If this post sounds kinda weird and formal-like, it's because I'm not used to blogging. Hopefully my posts will get more casual soon!

First Post!

Well, I don't have much time to write, as I have to go to school, so this is my blog! Gotta go, bye. Sorry it's boring.