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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ISAT's! Fun, fun, fun! Yea, right.

Well, since the title's confusing, I'll jump right in. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week, and today(Tuesday) and tomorrow this week, have been set aside for testing. ISAT testing, really. My least favorite part of the year. At least it's not crammed into one week like it used to be! At the Junior High, there are 3-4 parts, depending on a particular student's grade. 6th graders take Math, Reading, and - my least favorite - Writing. 7th graders take Math, Reading, Writing, and Science - my favorite subject, other than lunch - but I'm not in 7th grade. 8th graders take Math, Reading, and Writing. But I'm in 6th grade, so that's beyond the point. And that's the only personal info I'll give out on here other than my personal opinion. So... ISAT's... well... WIKIPEDIA TIME!! Oh, and the fact that I call them ISAT's does NOT give away what state I live in, because 2 states call them ISAT's. Illinois and Idaho. So... Wikipedia link now! (Actually, I correct myself, 7th graders do not take the Writing ISAT's.) Link: Ok?

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  1. Correction: 7th graders don't take the Writing ISAT's. At least, in Illinois, they don't.