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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thoughts on the Super Stupid Bowl.

The Super Bowl, or Stupid Bowl as I call it (not to offend any football fans out there, I just think it has no purpose except to amuse people and make them get into worthless fights over, say, the Cowboys and the Saints), is, to me, worthless. Instead, on "Superbowl Sunday" I watch Animal Planet's Superbowl Parody(version) of it, the accurately named Puppy Bowl. This year is the sixth year, and they name the Puppy Bowls with Roman numerals (ex; VI, or 6) like the SuperBowl. Right now, though, Animal Planet is showing the AKC Eukanuba National Championship, or the American Kennel Club's weekly-or-monthly dog show. I don't think any of MY dogs would even be able to enter a dog show, they're so fat and unlike-breed-standards, one of the is a mixed-breed! Well, I don't think I've talked about the SuperBowl much, probably because I DON'T LIKE IT, amazing as it is! So, even though I don't really want to, I guess I'll talk about football. The only team I really ever cheer for is Nebraska, and they're not even in the NFL! I sometimes watch football, and I ask about the technical details of it, but I consider that to be in preparation for next fall's band performance at a football game. The only time I ever watched football without being in front of a TV was after a band performance at that game. Anyway, I did get kind of excited about football last year, but only because my town's football team went to STATE and WON! Seriously, who wouldn't be excited?! Well, now I think I should stop talking because my favorite group of dogs is on the dog show, the toy group.


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  1. For you football fans and people who will endlessly correct me on this one, my example was just an EXAMPLE! I didn't know that the Colts went to the Superbowl and not the Cowboys, so don't get angry, please!