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Sunday, February 26, 2012

We are going mobile!!!

As I said I would attempt to do in the previous post, I am blogging from my Kindle!!
It is rather awkward, but i think I can get used to it. Like texting!



Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Logo!!

I just made a new logo, in celebration of us going to the State MathCounts competition!

I will explain now.

I will be attempting to blog from my Kindle on this trip, thus the "goes to". The stars are for decoration. The little "awareness ribbons" are also for decoration. The tiny text on the bottom is a little bit of info for you. The symbols on the bottom are... well, I'll explain.

"There will be no dogs, no smoking, luggage, money, and nerds. No denying it."
(symbol one: no dogs. symbol 2: no smoking. symbol 3: luggage. symbol 4: money. symbol 5: nerds. symbol 6: no "no" (thus the "no denying it"))
Aren't I so clever? I think I'll try in a minute to access my Blogger account from my Kindle, but I won't post. This is my last post for today, see ya!


Welll... I'm back!

Title: You can probably figure it out. Because I believe in you, my readers!

Yeah. I'm feeling a bit odd right now, as I recently finished a can of Mountain Dew. But, on the bright side, this post will be highly amusing! Aren't I so lovely...

So... This past week has been pretty uneventful. Next week, however, will be busy with a capital b-u-s-y! And no, I am not insane. It's the Mountain Dew and the fact that the County Spelling Bee is on Monday. Yes, in just two days, I will be facing off against all the smartest kids in the county, well probably not all of them, just maybe about 19-29 of them I don't know how many, but still. You get the point, right?

Then, next Friday, I will be leaving for the State MathCounts competition! I will be bringing my Kindle and will attempt to blog from it to give you updates. Anyway, we leave on Friday, me and 4 others who I do not want to name since I have weird little nicknames for them. Actually, I will in a few sentences. So, myself and four others will be leaving in the school van to go to Lisle. We will leave from school. Near the end of the day, of course, but yeah. We will spend the night at a hotel, then the next day we will go to wherever the competition takes place in the hotel and COMPETE!! Participants (my personal nicknames for them, of course) include: Wonder-Boy McCoy(he has been mentioned in previous posts), Tromborn(WBMC's cousin), Zinko(not much to say about her), and Drumhoff(he plays percussion in band, obviously).

And, right now, Ash is sitting behind me with her phone, doing mysterious things with it. I think she's taking pictures of the back of my head, but I don't know. There have been three camera shutter sounds, a lot of beeps, and I caught her with the phone raised to take a picture once. Hmmmmm...

More beeps... Ash is pressing buttons!

I found out what she was doing. She was taking pictures of me and posted one of them on Facebook. I commented. She is commenting as we speak- I mean as I type.

Bored now.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Squeal!!!!!!!!! Shriek!!!!!!!!!!! Dance!!!!!!! YAYNESS!!!!!

Title: I am very EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, you ask?
Well, today was the Chapter MathCounts competition (Rock River Chapter) and guess what?
(What, you ask?)
We won! We won! We wooon!!!

On March 2, I (along with three others(the team)) get to leave school early and go to Lisle. Or Lyle. However it's spelled, I don't really know.
We will eat out for dinner, stay the night in a hotel, go to the competition place, do the competition, and... WIN!!!(at least, Kyle thinks we will. *Background info later!*)

*Background info!*
Kyle- the "genius"
Zach- Kyle's cousin, "part-genius"
Maya- plays oboe in band
ME!- You know about me already!!
Mrs. W.- awesome math teacher who bought the whole team+alternates lunch just 'cause we won!!
THE ALTERNATES(our alternates from today, they won't be coming to state)
Kaleb- Kyle's little brother, also got the smart gene.
Isaac- Kaleb's friend, plays percussion
Allison- Maya's friend, plays flute
All team/alternates are in band.
March 3, 2012
More to come later.

There were 2 8th graders (me & Kyle), 3 7th graders (Zach, Maya, and Allison), and 2 6th graders (Kaleb and Isaac).
This morning, I was counting our group in my head and I forgot Zach. But he dislikes me anyway, so why should I care?(he used to call me an idiot. Then I told the principal about it! As Ash would say, tee hee!)

Anyway. I got a new trooophy, put it with my old one(I had to move the old one to a wider shelf! I may just need to move them again if we win state like Kyle says we will! 'Cause then I'll have 3! And I think the state one is bigger than the chapter ones! (Oh, and if we go to national, we get free graphing calculators! Texas Instruments' newest models! Which I don't know the name of! (And if we win nationals, I'll need ANOTHER trophy shelf, or I'll use the shelf that the two trophies I have already are currently on. Because such an important trophy deserves a place of honor. And one that's got chalkboard behind it!)))

Wow, I am feeling really optimistic! I guess WINNING does that to you!

Not wanting to over-talk you with MathCounts stuff.


PS- You no longer need to ask Charlie Sheen how to win. Just ask me! I WON!!!!(along with three others, of course, but still)!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Desperately wanted to post...

I just wanted to post again. I have no idea why, except that I probably want to have more posts this year than I did last year. Last year I posted eighteen times, and in '10 I posted twenty-five times. Not very many posts! So far, I've posted four times, not counting this post, this year.

Super Bowl Facty-facts
Teams: New England Patriots v. New York Giants
Date: Tomorrow
In Roman Numerals: XLVI
In Arabic Numerals: 46
By the way, Arabic numerals are the ones we use today. In case you didn't figure that out already.

For history-lovers and football-lovers alike, here is a list of the Super Bowls of the past, their competing teams, and their winners(in bold type)

Super Bowl I- Kansas City Chiefs v. Green Bay Packers
SB II- Oakland Raiders v. Green Bay Packers
III- New York Jets v. Baltimore Colts
IV- Kansas City Chiefs v. Minnesota Vikings
V- Baltimore Colts v. Dallas Cowboys
VI- Dallas Cowboys v. Miami Dolphins
VII- Miami Dolphins v. Washington Redskins
VIII- Miami Dolphins v. Minnesota Vikings
IX- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Minnesota Vikings
X- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Dallas Cowboys
XI- Oakland Raiders v. Minnesota Vikings
XII- Dallas Cowboys v. Denver Broncos
XIII- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Dallas Cowboys
XIV- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Los Angeles Rams
XV- Oakland Raiders v. Philadelphia Eagles
XVI- San Fransisco 49'ers v. Cincinnati Bengals
XVII- Redskins v. Dolphins
XVIII- Los Angeles Raiders v. Redskins
XIX- 49'ers v. Dolphins
XX- Chicago Bears v. New England Patriots
XXI- New York Giants v. Broncos
XXII- Redskins v. Broncos
XXIII- 49'ers v. Bengals
XXIV- 49'ers v. Broncos
XXV- Giants v. Buffalo Bills
XXVI- Redskins v. Bills
XXVII & XXVIII- Cowboys v. Bills (yes, they did play each other two years in a row with the same results. Not the same scores, though!)
XXIX- 49'ers v. San Diego Chargers
XXX- Cowboys v. Steelers
XXXI- Packers v. Patriots
XXXII- Broncos v. Packers
XXXIII- Broncos v. Atlanta Falcons
XXXIV- St. Louis Rams v. Tennessee Titans
XXXV- Baltimore Ravens v. Giants
XXXVI- Patriots v. Rams
XXXVII- Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Raiders
XXXVIII- Patriots v. Carolina Panthers (I don't know if it's both the Carolinas. Wikipedia didn't say)
XXXIX- Patriots v. Eagles
XL- Steelers v. Seattle Seahawks
XLI- Colts v. Bears
XLII- Giants v. Patriots
XLIII- Steelers v. Arizona Cardinals
XLIV- New Orleans Saints v. Indianapolis Colts
XLV- Packers v. Steelers

That's a lot of Super Bowls!

The top three teams in Super Bowl history are:
1. Steelers, with 6 wins
2. Cowboys, with 5 wins
3. 49'ers, with 5 wins

Now for my own personal remarks!

Why do people think the Packers are so bad? They won the first two Super Bowls, after all!

Why do people find football so interesting, especially random Super Bowl facts? They make me type a lot!

Yeah, my remarks aren't very funny right now.

So, see you next post!


The Super-Stupid-Bowl Approaches...

Title: Tomorrow, Super-Stupid-Bowl forty-six-or-so is going to be playing all over TV.

You know, when I hear Super Bowl, I think of a giant bowl. Possibly full of flame.
(the Super Bowl was one of the topics for my "LAWNS" computer class thingy yesterday. I depicted it as a large bowl full of flames.)
Yeah, so... Anyway... Yesterday I had my Band pictures re-taken! The old ones made my face look fat. My face is NOT fat!
Ummm...... can't think of anything more to-
Yesterday, in Science class, I debated! My topic and point-of-view was against Therapeutic Cloning, which I actually support. But I was assigned that side, so I debated it the best I could. And I think... I did awesomely!

Another topic: Firefox is constantly coming up with new updates for me! I have 9.something.something, and when I opened up Firefox today, it said my Firefox is out of date! Gosh, can't I go a month without being pestered about Firefox updates? Really!

Yeah, out of things to rant about.