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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welll... I'm back!

Title: You can probably figure it out. Because I believe in you, my readers!

Yeah. I'm feeling a bit odd right now, as I recently finished a can of Mountain Dew. But, on the bright side, this post will be highly amusing! Aren't I so lovely...

So... This past week has been pretty uneventful. Next week, however, will be busy with a capital b-u-s-y! And no, I am not insane. It's the Mountain Dew and the fact that the County Spelling Bee is on Monday. Yes, in just two days, I will be facing off against all the smartest kids in the county, well probably not all of them, just maybe about 19-29 of them I don't know how many, but still. You get the point, right?

Then, next Friday, I will be leaving for the State MathCounts competition! I will be bringing my Kindle and will attempt to blog from it to give you updates. Anyway, we leave on Friday, me and 4 others who I do not want to name since I have weird little nicknames for them. Actually, I will in a few sentences. So, myself and four others will be leaving in the school van to go to Lisle. We will leave from school. Near the end of the day, of course, but yeah. We will spend the night at a hotel, then the next day we will go to wherever the competition takes place in the hotel and COMPETE!! Participants (my personal nicknames for them, of course) include: Wonder-Boy McCoy(he has been mentioned in previous posts), Tromborn(WBMC's cousin), Zinko(not much to say about her), and Drumhoff(he plays percussion in band, obviously).

And, right now, Ash is sitting behind me with her phone, doing mysterious things with it. I think she's taking pictures of the back of my head, but I don't know. There have been three camera shutter sounds, a lot of beeps, and I caught her with the phone raised to take a picture once. Hmmmmm...

More beeps... Ash is pressing buttons!

I found out what she was doing. She was taking pictures of me and posted one of them on Facebook. I commented. She is commenting as we speak- I mean as I type.

Bored now.


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  1. It's at the hotel. The state MathCounts competition is at the hotel, in a conference hall or something. You'll never even get to leave the building. Sorry. :(