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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Squeal!!!!!!!!! Shriek!!!!!!!!!!! Dance!!!!!!! YAYNESS!!!!!

Title: I am very EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, you ask?
Well, today was the Chapter MathCounts competition (Rock River Chapter) and guess what?
(What, you ask?)
We won! We won! We wooon!!!

On March 2, I (along with three others(the team)) get to leave school early and go to Lisle. Or Lyle. However it's spelled, I don't really know.
We will eat out for dinner, stay the night in a hotel, go to the competition place, do the competition, and... WIN!!!(at least, Kyle thinks we will. *Background info later!*)

*Background info!*
Kyle- the "genius"
Zach- Kyle's cousin, "part-genius"
Maya- plays oboe in band
ME!- You know about me already!!
Mrs. W.- awesome math teacher who bought the whole team+alternates lunch just 'cause we won!!
THE ALTERNATES(our alternates from today, they won't be coming to state)
Kaleb- Kyle's little brother, also got the smart gene.
Isaac- Kaleb's friend, plays percussion
Allison- Maya's friend, plays flute
All team/alternates are in band.
March 3, 2012
More to come later.

There were 2 8th graders (me & Kyle), 3 7th graders (Zach, Maya, and Allison), and 2 6th graders (Kaleb and Isaac).
This morning, I was counting our group in my head and I forgot Zach. But he dislikes me anyway, so why should I care?(he used to call me an idiot. Then I told the principal about it! As Ash would say, tee hee!)

Anyway. I got a new trooophy, put it with my old one(I had to move the old one to a wider shelf! I may just need to move them again if we win state like Kyle says we will! 'Cause then I'll have 3! And I think the state one is bigger than the chapter ones! (Oh, and if we go to national, we get free graphing calculators! Texas Instruments' newest models! Which I don't know the name of! (And if we win nationals, I'll need ANOTHER trophy shelf, or I'll use the shelf that the two trophies I have already are currently on. Because such an important trophy deserves a place of honor. And one that's got chalkboard behind it!)))

Wow, I am feeling really optimistic! I guess WINNING does that to you!

Not wanting to over-talk you with MathCounts stuff.


PS- You no longer need to ask Charlie Sheen how to win. Just ask me! I WON!!!!(along with three others, of course, but still)!!!

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