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Friday, August 9, 2013

More from Bean's Band Camp

Band geeks playing keep-away with a baseball cap. Had me in a huge giggle fit for like 10-15 minutes.
The red blur in the first pic is the hat.
Ugh. Lost quite a bit of the post cuz I didn't save it. Grr.
I have my schedule! It's insanely simple, and there's a pic below to prove it!
See? So damn simple it hurts!! I might ask Bean later if that's normal. It doesn't look right!!!

Kyle is about to cry according to some people like Bean and... I gotta check my alarms, brb.

Back now. Had to adjust an alarm from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am.

I don't like the songs we're playing for our first show. I just don't!!

Gonna chat with Bean cause we have a break now.

Bean said my schedule is actually rather normal. But it looks TOO simple!

Kelbo doesn't know what a brony is. OMG.

Giggle fit ensued because Kelbo played a weird ringtone. And Adam made a weird comment.

My shoulder is pained. I need a shoulder rub or an ice pack...


Bean's Band Camp and Scheduling Confusion

Okay, so the schedules are available for viewing. On the computer, that is, not the skyward mobile app. Trust me, I tried to find it.
I will look on the computer ASAP, and tell u when I do.

Today is the second day of Bean's Band Camp. Yesterday, I had trouble curbing the instinct to do what we did at actual band camp(say "hut" when attention is called, say "hit" every four counts instead of every eight, etc.) but I did pretty well with very few mistakes. I'm kinda wanting to show Bean some of the marching things I learned at band camp, but idk.

Tomorrow is the house warming party. Bean will be coming(I asked yesterday), along with multiple other people. A few of Mom's friends, at least one set of neighbors, all that good stuff. Probably--er, no, MAYBE-- some relatives as well.

The washer here is really loud and it scared me at first. I thought it would explode or something. Now I'm used to it, though, so that's all good.

On the subject of band, we have three less people than last year. And I don't mean that we lost three seniors, I mean between the seniors leaving and the freshies incoming, we have three less people than last year. Thirty-three people will be in our band.
Comprised of:
Four flutes, six clarinets, four alto saxophones, one French horn, two oboes, one tenor saxophone, one Bari saxophone, four trumpets, three trombones, one baritone, two tubas, and five percussionists.
The sections with losses in membership:
Flutes, clarinets, and French horn.
Sections with gains in membership:
Saxes, trumpets, and trombones.
The other sections either gained as many as they lost(oboe, percussion, baritone), or just didn't gain or lose anyone(tenor and Bari sax, tuba).
Technically, we shouldn't have lost a baritone, but he seems to think he's quit. Luckily, a new freshie(and its a GIRL!!) came up to take his place. Yay for low brass girls!!!

I just had to put three exclamation points there.

While we're on the topic of band, for jazz band I'm gonna be playing the trombone! I'm pretty damn excited for that, because once I've got it down, I'll be the low brass master!!! Yeah buddy!!