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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Off to See the Wizard...

...But the Guard is pretty hot!
As you might be able to tell, my high school is performing the Wizarf of Oz musical. The second part of the title clues you in on the fact that I have a crush on the guy who plays the Guard. 

Also, the Universe has decided to shine down rays of luck and happiness on me. I love the Universe today/tonight/tomorrow when it comes in half an hour.

Anyway, just about five-ten minutes ago when I'm typing this, I told the guy I like (the Guard) that I like him. It went pretty well.
- - -
I'm back!

Well, to you guys I never left. But to me, I did leave. For like 40 minutes. Or two-thirds of an hour, if you like fractions!

Sorry I'm rambling, I'm still burning off nervous energy from telling Mr. Mister that I like him.

I call him Mr. Mister because that's what my mom said she'd call him when other people were around. So I decided to call him that here. Because other people(you my readers) are here. 

And I'm rambling! Again!

I just realized that, except for the little post on Cinco de Mayo, I haven't posted since Christmas. So you guys don't know that I'm not with my boyfriend(ex-boyfriend now) anymore.

I have typed up multiple drafts of posts between then and tonight/this morning (it's 12:20am roughly at the moment), so I'll give you some highlights.


"Soooo... December 27, I got a text from my boyfriend. He broke up with me.
Well, technically he friendzoned me, since he said he wanted to go back to being friends, and we still talk like friends. 

Yesterday, I auditioned for the school musical this spring, which is, as alluded to in the title of this post, the Wizard of Oz."

"Ash doesn't have a dirty mind, she has a sexy imagination..."

"How to pimp your trumpet. Use a mute-saddlebag and an automatic valve-oiling system."

"Now, we're at lunch. Some of us are talking about when their mothers get old.
Tess is talking about pseudoscience now."

"Adam says: "It depends on the size of the deer.""

"Carlotta either: jumps in front of a train to kill herself and be with Guillermo in death
OR: shacks up with Guillermo's brother/best friend  
We haven't decided yet."


So, those were pretty funny, right? Well, except the first one. That was meant to be an explanation of how I became single again.

Hopefully I won't be single much longer!! Mr. Mister come and make me yours!

I will leave you with some words of wisdom now, as I have to be at the high school for the last performance in eleven and a half hours. And I'll get to see Mr. Mister again!

"Not your housekeeper!" -Mrs. Hudson, BBC Sherlock

"Ok. Sounds good.when shoild i atarts to wotry?" -my mom, earlier last night

"Bzzzz bzzzzzt" -my phone

"Don't look me up in a phone book, I won't take your call." -Knitted Cap Club, Don't Write Me A Letter

The Knitted Cap Club is the band that my chorus teacher is in. They have songs on iTunes that you can buy. They're really good!

A final quote: "All the other songs say 'open up your heart'; But what's there to open when it's all been broken?" - "twelve-twenty-seven", the song that I wrote last night.

I decided to write a song last night. I was inspired by the fact that my chorus teacher (I still call her my chorus teacher even though I'm not in chorus) is in a band and is successful enough to have songs on iTunes. The song I wrote is pretty good, but it's just lyrics at the moment. It could also use a bit of editing, but I'll get to that later. Sleep now.

"Follow the yellow brick road!"

Monday, May 5, 2014

Crazy with the Cheese Whiz

People keep calling each other heifers in my English class. Bri can't say the word minimum. The Polar Plunge is going around the school.

I have a difficult life at the moment. Can't you tell?

My main problem at the moment is the Polar Plunge. I have been challenged to do it by Kenzie, and she's determined to get me in the water for it. Luckily, I- no, SHE- will be waiting until next week. The musical is this weekend, so I'm busy all this week and over the weekend, but next week...

I might have unintentionally promised Kenzie that I would do the Polar Plunge.

Ugh. I'm really stressed out over the whole thing. I'm just really stressed out in general, really!

I am NOT looking forward to whenever I'm forced to do the Polar Plunge. And I DO mean FORCED!

The title comes from a song that played during World History. In case you were wondering.