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Monday, May 5, 2014

Crazy with the Cheese Whiz

People keep calling each other heifers in my English class. Bri can't say the word minimum. The Polar Plunge is going around the school.

I have a difficult life at the moment. Can't you tell?

My main problem at the moment is the Polar Plunge. I have been challenged to do it by Kenzie, and she's determined to get me in the water for it. Luckily, I- no, SHE- will be waiting until next week. The musical is this weekend, so I'm busy all this week and over the weekend, but next week...

I might have unintentionally promised Kenzie that I would do the Polar Plunge.

Ugh. I'm really stressed out over the whole thing. I'm just really stressed out in general, really!

I am NOT looking forward to whenever I'm forced to do the Polar Plunge. And I DO mean FORCED!

The title comes from a song that played during World History. In case you were wondering. 

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