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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New(and (probably not) Last) Year! Plus, list mania!

Title: Today is New Year's Day. The whole Last part is a reference to the fact that it's 2012, and in eleven and a half months, we're all supposed to die! And auto-save just copped out on me.

My views on the new year!:

The world won't end. The Mayans just didn't feel the need to make a new calendar 'cause they figured they'd be long gone before now. True dat, me Mayan homies!

It'll probably take till October for me to finally get the year right when I'm writing it down. That really happened last year!

I'll have another historical event to have lived through! List to come later.

And... I got nothing.

List of historical events I have lived through! In chronological order!:
I'm not sure about '98 or '99, so starting with...

Y2K! New Year's Day, 2000


The anthrax attacks! Yeah, a list of my worldly wisdom to come later.

The election of the first black president! And his visit to my hometown's county fair!

Guess what! I just said goat cheese! Random, I know...

The death of Osama Bin Laden!

Owning four parakeets! But that's not historical. And neither is goat cheese!

Two centuries, two millennia, three decades, and thirteen and a half years!

And now for a list of all my worldly knowledge!:

Don't sit up at one am on the toilet reading about the anthrax attacks of '01. It makes you get slightly paranoid.

It's hard to come up with your own worldly knowledge when you're trying to.

Osama Bin Laden autocorrects on the iPhone to pajama bin laden.

Riding a bike hurts me...

Tom makes the most AMAZING cinnamon rolls! (Mom, I don't care if you tell Tom I said that. In fact, it would be nice if you did. He would probably feel appreciated!)

Most of these posts have notes to my mom in them(... not insulting you Mom, but it's true!)

Yeah... these lists are getting boring!

Oh, and I KNOW that there's a site called ListMania, but, well, whatever. Copyrights to them, usage of spaces to me!



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

There goes my social life! And you probably don't care!

The reasoning behind the title: I have just (probably) lost my only friend. My best friend.
How I screwed up: She said I could (maybe) come over to her house. I took that as a promise. Since I seemingly forgot all the times that happened before. But this time, I got a little over-excited about it. I kept calling her and facebooking her. I was angry, and she got even angrier right back.

And that is how I (probably!!)(but more like ACTUALLY!!!) lost my best(and only!!) friend.

So, there goes my social life!

Second part of title: Every reader except my mom won't give a **** about this. Oh, and Mom, I didn't actually type any word before the stars. I just put that there to suggest a word. Not replace a word.

Anyway. To all my non-Mom readers (of which there probably aren't any), go on with your lives! Ignore my troubles! I don't need your pity! I am a strong, independent person!
Well, I'm still working on the last part.

To you, Mom, I say this: Watch out! I may want to hang out with you more often now that I've lost Ash!

*Oh, and: I (kinda) deserve this treatment from Ash. I'm way too clingy! And she has had to deal with my over-emotional nature for far too long now! Looking back, I'm surprised she didn't ditch me before for better friends! 'Cause there are people who don't cling to her like a pool floatie whenever their mommy yells at them! They respect her! I, though I hate to admit it, used her! Poor Ash. She made a good decision in ditching me. I don't expect a Christmas present. If she does forgive me, then that means that she's probably mentally unstable!(NOT true!!!! Kidding!!!)*

So, to wrap it up: I have no social life. I'm way too clingy on my (ex)friends. Luckily, I have counseling once a week!

*Oh, and I will never contemplate suicide!! Death is scary!!!*

Yeah, BYE!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Hilarity... It's SO Painful!!!!!

If you're wondering what's up with the title, it's because lately I've been looking at the most hilarious site ever. It's called Damn You Auto Correct! and it's so funny. I read it yesterday, and I'm currently reading it. Well, not right this second as in when I'm typing this, but probably when you read this, I will be reading DYAC. That's the abbreviation for Damn You Auto Correct! Anyway, the title refers to the pain I feel while laughing. It hurts to laugh! I'm still sore from yesterday!
Yeah. That's pretty much it!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Post Full of Whimsy!

Okay, as you have not yet noticed since at the time I am writing this post it has not yet happened, I have decorated the blog for Christmas! I kinda want to do a Christmas-themed string of posts, but I'd probably forget. Anyway. Today, I have made paper snowflakes!! And, sadly, I am sick. Just a cold, though, so don't worry! Anyway, I say anyway way too much! Oh, and my birds are loud. I can't think of anything else to blog about.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I refuse to take dinner with my show!

Tonight is the night of the first band CONCERT of the year. The first PERFORMANCE was like two months ago. So, what's with the title, you ask?

The title of the concert is Dinner and a Show. There's a music-boosters pork-chop dinner that I NEVER attend before the concert. The jazz band plays at that.

After the dinner is the band warm-up time. Both Jr. High and High school bands are playing tonight.

This is a really awesome thing in my perspective. Not as good as Contest, which is in March. But still, it's a big thing for the bandy-pantses! A Christmas concert!

Okay. A rundown of the schedule for ya now.

5:30-6:30: Dinner with Jazz Bands
6:30-7:00: Warm-up and last-minute-practice
7:00: Concert starts
First- 6th grade chorus
Next-Seventh and Eighth grade chorus
Then-High School regular choir
Last- Madrigal Choir
First- Jr. High Band
Then- High School Band
Last- The Bands band together to perform... The Nutcracker Suite!!

I am, of course, in the Jr. High band. So I perform with them. Duh.

Anyway, as of right now, I have two hours- no, one hour and fifty-three minutes- to prepare for the concert.

Happy web-surfing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Genealogical Fun!

Today's schedule:
Wake up
Get ready for school
Get to school at 8:11 (one minute late)
Wander around on Hoagie-bread's orders (IE, getting a butt-load of books)
Go to tiny, New-Hampshire-esque room to sit for 5 hours.

Anyone who is anyone in junior high will be saying to themselves right now: WAIT! Who's Hoagie-bread?
Answer: My principal. Who my mom, the author of There's Gotta be More than This, un-affectionately calls Douchenozzle.
And why a butt-load of books and the New-Hampshire-esque room?
Answer: I had an in-school suspension today! Fun, fun, and more fun. NOT!!
That's what you get when you don't do your science project! (said in sickly-sweet, Professor-Umbridge-esque voice)

After band, but before lunch, Hoagie-bread beckoned me to the office and told me about my suspension. That's how I found out.

Oh, and the New-Hampshire-esque part is because the room is shaped kinda like New Hampshire. Yeah, go find a map and take a look at it! That's a bit what the room looks like.

Fast forward to like 9:45 this morning. I'm sittin' in the room, havin' tons of un-fun, hopin' it'll get funner. Yes, funner. Tom says it's a word, so why can't it be?

Anyway. Hoagie-bread, who will forever on in this post be called HB, like the pencil, had said earlier that I could go home to get- I mean look for- my CPD packet. CPD's are chapter summaries used for book reports. So, I needed info for my reading project, which is a family tree due about a month ago, and I thought I could ask Mom. So, I had HB call up Mom, got my huge coat and walked home. Sadly, I couldn't find the CPD packet. But I did get info for my family tree!

Back to Room Hampshire. I need more info for my tree, so I text Mom. A big no-no, but I'm all aloney-on-my-owney in a teeny-weeny room. Why the hell not text Mom?

By the end of the suspension, I had ninety-five peoples' names down for the tree.

After a doctor's appointment, I continued work on my magnificent(ly screwed-up and huge) family tree. I taped two pieces of cardboard together and scratched out some guide-lines, then filled in the ninety-five names I had SO FAR. Afterward, Mom gave me more to put down. I added about thirty-six, giving me a grand-total of ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE freaking people on my family tree! There are quite a few more left un-added, too, including three of my classmates. My family is screwed up.

Oh, and, this project gave me an interest in genealogy, which I have learned to spell correctly! Yay! But I doubt that Ancestry.com will accept one person having three parents. That's like some weird sci-fi novel waiting to happen. Oh, and the fact that I have no legal father! The law recognizes me as a sperm-donor baby!

Cool Facts!!

I have as many half-siblings as my biological father. Three
I am, in a very screwed up way that includes marriage, cousins' father's sisters, and so much more screwiness, related to a classmate whose father worked with my uncle. They're both tattoo-artists!
I am related, through the same side of the family as before, related to another classmate who I used to be best friends with. In preschool.
I am also related to a third classmate. But not through the same side of the family! This time it's through a great-great aunt's marriage and grand-kids.
My uncle is dating his daughter-in-law, whose husband left her for her sister.
I just learned how to spell screwiness!
I have over 50 cousins.
If I had REALLY wanted to confuse my reading teacher, who I shall call 7up as a play on her last name, I could have included those three classmates AND my grandma's biological parents! 'Cause she was adopted.

7up is gonna be really surprised when she sees my family tree. I titled it: "My Large (and fairly messed-up) Family Tree (with 131 people) By RJ, 5th hour Reading

I included my last name, but for my own protection, I didn't include it. Tee hee!

As my BFF Ash would say, UNDERWEAR!