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Saturday, December 17, 2011

There goes my social life! And you probably don't care!

The reasoning behind the title: I have just (probably) lost my only friend. My best friend.
How I screwed up: She said I could (maybe) come over to her house. I took that as a promise. Since I seemingly forgot all the times that happened before. But this time, I got a little over-excited about it. I kept calling her and facebooking her. I was angry, and she got even angrier right back.

And that is how I (probably!!)(but more like ACTUALLY!!!) lost my best(and only!!) friend.

So, there goes my social life!

Second part of title: Every reader except my mom won't give a **** about this. Oh, and Mom, I didn't actually type any word before the stars. I just put that there to suggest a word. Not replace a word.

Anyway. To all my non-Mom readers (of which there probably aren't any), go on with your lives! Ignore my troubles! I don't need your pity! I am a strong, independent person!
Well, I'm still working on the last part.

To you, Mom, I say this: Watch out! I may want to hang out with you more often now that I've lost Ash!

*Oh, and: I (kinda) deserve this treatment from Ash. I'm way too clingy! And she has had to deal with my over-emotional nature for far too long now! Looking back, I'm surprised she didn't ditch me before for better friends! 'Cause there are people who don't cling to her like a pool floatie whenever their mommy yells at them! They respect her! I, though I hate to admit it, used her! Poor Ash. She made a good decision in ditching me. I don't expect a Christmas present. If she does forgive me, then that means that she's probably mentally unstable!(NOT true!!!! Kidding!!!)*

So, to wrap it up: I have no social life. I'm way too clingy on my (ex)friends. Luckily, I have counseling once a week!

*Oh, and I will never contemplate suicide!! Death is scary!!!*

Yeah, BYE!!!

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  1. Leaning on a friend, needing your friend, is not the same as using a friend. If that were the case then we'd all be using everyone we need and love. You didn't use Ashley. I hope she knows that.