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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sometimes, you just need to rant. I am going to use this post to rant about stuff that I commonly find irritating.

  1. Ice cream prices: Ice cream used to cost a dollar. Now it costs $1.25!! Nonsense, I tell you, utter nonsense.
  2. Public pool prices and hours: The HS pool used to be open Monday-Friday, 1-4pm, and cost $2. Now it's open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 7-9pm, and costs $4!! By the way, in case you didn't know, it's Thursday and I have $4 so I'm going swimming!! I know you probably don't care, though.
  3. Little siblings: My brother, who is 10 years younger than me, is SO irritating!! He throws stuff into my room, throws stuff at my head, and screams his head off a lot! He's driven me crazy like 12 times already!! Well, probably only like 2, but whatever.
  4. Technology and the economy: This is a common problem. iPhones are cool, but cost a lot of money. I don't like it!!
  5. Mozilla Firefox: This is strange. I keep getting little pop-ups about opening things like virtual aquarium. It bothers me... Bother bother bother!
  6. Religion: No offense, Christians, but could you please STOP shoving your, uh I don't know, Christianity in my face!! It REALLY bothers me!!
  7. Politics: Once, at lunch, I was arguing with my 2 best friends about, guess what, POLITICS!! Bother bother bother...
  8. Mean English Teachers: Mean English teachers, a not-so-uncommon problem. My English teacher was AWFUL last school year!!
  9. Typing: Apparently, you are supposed to type a certain way, or else the Computers teacher gets angry. Or you take a long time to type a blog post. Well, it's irritating how you have to use a certain finger to type a certain letter and if you don't do it that way it's WRONG. For years of my life I typed the "wrong" way, and it worked for me! So who cares about your stupid "correct method of typing"? NOT ME!!
  10. Wal-Mart: Oh, wait, Wal-Mart isn't irritating!!
  11. Trying to think of irritating things for this post: Not tubas or Wal-Mart or anything fun and good. Wow, even this irritating thing is hard to think of reasons for it to be irritating! Nonsense, it doesn't make any sense.
  12. JUSTIN BIEBER: One of the most irritating things in the whole world!! Justin Bieber is stupid in theory and in practice!!
  13. Multiple names for the same person: Like nicknames and using your middle name as your first. I actually came across this problem recently! One of my friends went by one name, and then I got the yearbook and he had a different name!! The problem was explained to me by a friend, though. Awesome...
  14. Conformists: Conformists are people who think they must fit in or they'll die (maybe not THAT, but something of the sort), and they irritate me HORRIBLY!!!
  15. EXCLAMATION POINTS: On Facebook, I often come across people using more than two exclamation points at the end of a sentence. Irritating!!
  16. Pi and Pie: Pi and pie are different things. Pie, with an E, is a delicious dessert pastry with yummy fillings. Pi, without an E, is the number used to explain/demonstrate the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of a circle. Pi is the number 3.1415926535... and goes on FOREVER!!!
  17. Emotions: Emotions are quite irritating. I am quite emotional. I hate it!!
  18. Baritones and Euphoniums: NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!! Baritones are more cylindrical and euphoniums are more conical.
  19. Trumpets and Cornets: NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!! Trumpets are more cylindrical and cornets are more conical.
  20. Textspeak: Textspeak is stupid! Nobody understands it!!
  21. Racism: Stop being racist!!
  22. Being opposed to ANYONE just 'cause they're different: Stop with the stereotypes!!
  23. The world: The world is bothersome.
  24. Pecans: Pecans are bothersome.
  25. Walnuts: Walnuts are bothersome and taste bad.
Bye!! Comment if you think anything was funny, stupid, offensive, or just plain confusing! Bye!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I need a pool!!

I need a pool!! I want to swim!! Well, I might get to swim this weekend, because one of my relatives who lives nearby has a pool and I might get to swim there!! Yay!! Too many exclamation points!! Not yay... Man, I need a pool!! It's too hot out, and the HS pool is only opened Monday-Thursday, 7-9pm!! That's lame!! Ugh, the lack of pools has angered me to the point of too many exclamation points... Someone who lives down the street from me has a pool and I can see it when I jump on my trampoline, and that makes me angry!! Argh!! Too many exclamation points...