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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sporty Thoughts

I am thinking about going out for football next season! I even have a position in mind: kicker.

That's because kickers don't really get tackled, and in a tackle situation, who would win: a 150-200 pound guy, or me, a girl who's all of 125 pounds? That's right, the guy. And, Mom's worried about me getting tackled. With kicker, I get to play football but I don't get tackled! Well, hopefully not.

I'm gonna have to discuss this with Mom, though, so I'll tell you the verdict later.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Today is ITTBM's third birthday! I'm currently at lunch, standing in line behind a kid who has his iPod turned loud enough that I can hear it from a couple feet behind him!

11:25- I've finished lunch now, and I'm considering buying another milk from the ala carte vending machine under the flat screen tv. I'm gonna check to see if I have enough change for that.
And I do!!

12:34- Done with my computer apps assignment. There's like half an hour left in class. There are a few new kids this semester and one of them is sitting next to me. His name is Charlie and he's a junior. I helped him find the place on the network to save stuff. I feel accomplished!! There are three girls giggling madly not far away from me. They stopped and are now arguing. There are six people with my first name at this school. Charlie is on the computer doing something I don't know of. Because I can't see the screen. Bre is signing out to go somewhere and now I want to go get a drink of water. Sarah just told Korey something and he ignored her completely! Good job Korey!
I'm gonna go ask if I can go get a drink of water now.

12:49- Bre had me listen to a bit of a cover of a Justin Bieber song done by like a rock band or something. Now she's showing me pictures of her with makeup on. She doesn't normally wear makeup and a friend of hers put it on her. Sarah called Demery dumb. Bre is listening to Gangnam Style and Merik would rather marry Sarah than Kendra. But Kendra thinks she's married to Merik. And Sarah is calling Kendra stupid. They're arguing now. Merik is on the other side of the room.

1:07- In Biology now. OMG this class is big! I'm sitting at a smart table!

1:57- Fun biology class activities are fun.

2:28- Vocab is done so I'm havin fun! Kenzie was nice enough to turn my paper in for me. Scuba Steve is in this class and Kenzie claims she's part of a government conspiracy. Alex and Other Ash are playing a game on Alex's phone. Kenzie asked me what day it is and either Other Ash or Alex kicked me accidentally under the table. Kenzie has tic tacs in her pencil bag.

2:49- In homeroom now. I'm bored and boredness is boring. Someone told someone else not to be a ginger and it was weird. Scuba Steve is sitting in front of me. I'm bored. Becca is messing around on her iPod. Ten minutes left in homeroom and 55 minutes left till we leave for the schol bowl meet.

2:59- Six minutes till end of homeroom. So bored! Why do you have to get yearly flu shots? I wonder... Four minutes left... Three minutes... Two minutes... One minute... And there's the bell!

3:07- Climbing the stairs. I hate stairs!! Going to schol bowl.

3:22- Varsity players are talking with Mr. Smith about the Oscars. Mr. Smith went to get a Diet Pepsi and Alyssa came back from getting a drink somewhere. Livy I still discussing the Oscars and Kyle and Rinker came back from getting munchies from the vending machine. I want fooood! Livy is complaining about Clinton Symphony stuff and Rach said her brother is some kind of lobster. Someone gave Alyssa a coffee mug and she used it today. I'm so bored.

3:30- Izzy is quizzing someone on music composers and the quizzee is doing well. Livy is being weird and Rinker is using an iPad. I'm gonna go hang with Mr. Bean for like ten minutes if he's still here.

3:41- Izzy and Livy's mom looks like Hugh Grant and a fat Paul McCartney. Mr. Smith is watching for the bus and now I am.

3:51- Waiting for the bus that isn't here yet but should be. Alyssa wants us to go to Culvers to eat after the meet. The bus is here and I'm holding the door and now walking to the bus.

3:55- On the bus now. Headed for Amboy and we passed by my house. Fun! I love schol bowl meets! We're playing three matches tonight, against Amboy, Riverdale, and Erie, I think.
Today was the first day of the semester and I started all my A day classes. Tomorrow I start my B day classes, which are Geometry, Gym, Spanish, and English. Lunch is between Spanish and English.
I hope we go eat at Culvers after the meet because Culvers is yummy and schol bowling makes me hungry. But I don't have cash, sadly. All I have is a penny in my jacket pocket. The sun is shining on the right side of my head. I hope my ear doesn't get sunburnt.

4:49- At Amboy now setting up our buzzer system. I have my name plate now and we're going to the room soon. Or now, I guess. Playing Amboy first, gotta go!

7:25- We've finished the meet and I played for Fake Kewanee and won two matches but lost one. It was fun being Fake Kewanee. We're sitting around by a statue of Lincoln and its rather boring.
This post is getting pretty long and that's cool.

7:31- I hope we go to eat since I'm hungry. Nom nom noms! Earnest is pacing irritably. I wish to Gibbs-slap him! Smithy isn't here yet and its upsetting me!

7:42- Where in the world is Smithy?! We want Smithy people we want Smithy!

7:54- On the bus. We're going to Culvers, baby! But I have to ask the nice people that aren't Smithy to help me out with food purchases. I hope someone's nice enough to help me out. Help a blogger out please! I'm gonna play solitaire and maybe doze a bit on the way to Rock Falls.

8:50- Rinker was nice enough to help out me and Kyle with buying food. Earnest thinks I'm smarter than Rinker though. Weird, right? Anyway, we're gonna start rolling home soon and this post should conclude soon as well.

Happy birthday ITTBM, and may every subsequent year be as good as the last three have been!