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This blog is about all the interesting stuff in the world that I see, and not all of it bores me! The blog name is just somethng cool I came up with. Now with a new look, and more tubas! Be sure to join the Facebook fan page if you like the blog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Computer!!

I am writing this post on the new computer! I know I haven't mentioned a new computer before, but it arrived unexpectedly so I couldn't know about it. When the computer got set up and turned on last night, the internet wouldn't work and they were setting it up, so I couldn't do anything on the internet until today. NEW COMPUTER!! It's a flatscreen, e-machines, black, high-tech yet easy-to-use computer with AWESOME solitaire! I love solitaire... Hmm, nothing to wikipedia today, so I can show you something cool!
Wikihow link: http://wikihow.com/Poke-Yourself-on-Facebook Only useful for facebook users, so: http://www.wikihow.com/Build-Your-Blog-As-a-Brand Good for any blogger!
Non-blogger-or-facebook-user link: http://wikihow.com Wikihow!! If the first 2 links aren't right for you, use the third link and find a wikihow article that's right for you!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Days Grow Shorter...

Confusing title, right? Well, I'll explain it, then. The massive earthquake in Chile actually moved some of the Earth's mass around, making it a little bit thinner, which caused the Earth to spin faster. That doesn't mean that one day is now 23 hours, it just skimmed 1.26 millionths of a second off the day. It'll take 2,174 years for one second to have been lost. According to my calculations, that amount of time will be 68371430399 seconds instead of the normal 68371430400 seconds it normally takes for 2,174 years to pass. After 4,348 years 136742860798 seconds will have passed, instead of the normal 136742860800 seconds, since the Chilean earthquake. That's a lot of math! Link: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/mar/03/local/la-me-lost-time4-2010mar04 Ok?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We have a Facebook fan page!!

I, as the writer and owner of this blog, have officially created a Facebook fan page for this blog! It's called "Interesting Things That Bore Me", but I bet you could have guessed, or already know from seeing the page before the blog. So... How about I post a LINK? Wait, first I'm going to improve the page, THEN I'll post the link. Ok? Ok. Finishing up the editing of the page, but now I have to publish it! Link: Ok?

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Thoughts on Facebook

Well, since the last post was about how much I don't like something, this post will be about something I do like. Facebook. Facebook is really cool, where you can connect with friends, play fun games(there are a LOT of games), or just be bored! You can become a fan of the state you live in(all the states are competing to get 1 million before the others), use any of the fun applications, become a fan of your favorite thing(Facebook's even got a fan page on Facebook!), join a group, or create your own fan page or group! Facebook's really fun. Sorry about using the word "Facebook" too often, but that's what this post is about! Link: Ok?

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ISAT's! Fun, fun, fun! Yea, right.

Well, since the title's confusing, I'll jump right in. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week, and today(Tuesday) and tomorrow this week, have been set aside for testing. ISAT testing, really. My least favorite part of the year. At least it's not crammed into one week like it used to be! At the Junior High, there are 3-4 parts, depending on a particular student's grade. 6th graders take Math, Reading, and - my least favorite - Writing. 7th graders take Math, Reading, Writing, and Science - my favorite subject, other than lunch - but I'm not in 7th grade. 8th graders take Math, Reading, and Writing. But I'm in 6th grade, so that's beyond the point. And that's the only personal info I'll give out on here other than my personal opinion. So... ISAT's... well... WIKIPEDIA TIME!! Oh, and the fact that I call them ISAT's does NOT give away what state I live in, because 2 states call them ISAT's. Illinois and Idaho. So... Wikipedia link now! (Actually, I correct myself, 7th graders do not take the Writing ISAT's.) Link: Ok?

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