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This blog is about all the interesting stuff in the world that I see, and not all of it bores me! The blog name is just somethng cool I came up with. Now with a new look, and more tubas! Be sure to join the Facebook fan page if you like the blog.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Okay, my faithful readers, I have good news for you!!! We will soon be having new people visiting Interesting Things That Bore Me!!!!! I got a coupon for $100 free advertising with Google AdWords!!! Google AdWords works by targeting certain words that people Google, showing an advertisement for the website, and hoping that the people go to the website! Awesome, right?! Yeah, I know. Now, I will have to enforce a VERY strict security policy.
NO telling where you live
NO using peoples' real names unless you are talking about celebrities or other well-known people
NO other stuff that would make you or others unsafe
That's my new policy!!
Now, I'm off to advertise!!! SO... To keep you entertained, I guess it's................ LINK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
A blog that I LOVE, it's very funny.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Ba-ack!!!

I know I haven't posted in a while, and I'm sorry about that. I just haven't had time!
Okay, so I guess, since so many holidays have passed, I should say...


Okay, that's a LOT of holidays!!

Ugh, no one reads my blog! I think I should advertise on Facebook!! I've been running this thing for nearly a year and only my mom reads it!!

You know what's awesome? BiC AI mechanical pencils!! I just bought two at the grocery store and they ROCK!!! They have a three-way lead advance system, and Japanese erasers! JAPANESE ERASERS!!!!!!!!! And French leads!! From FRANCE!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm getting WAY too excited, but how can't I?! Okay, the three-way lead advance system works by giving more lead when you click, shake, or write with the pencil; the Japanese erasers are 1.5mm in diameter, and the French lead is average mechanical pencil lead. But the pencils are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

-yaaaaaaaaawn- An hour and a half till bedtime...
What should I do now?!
LINK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fibonacci sequence
A link to the Fibonacci sequence, the namesake of my parakeet, Fibonacci.
Random conversation time!!!
Me: HI!!!
Random Creepy Voice(RCV): Hello...
Me: Who are you?!
RCV: someone...
Me: ?!
RCV: Goodbye...
Me: Good riddance, ya loony!!!
RCV: ?!?!?!
THAT was random.....