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Friday, December 25, 2015

I Screwed Up...

But I'm fixing it!

On the second-- no.
On the third day of Birthdaymas my blogger gave to me,
A Yuletide spectacular!!!

This post will likely be longer than usual, or at least longer than the posts of the past... year or so.
Because I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!!!!

Now I can have all sorts of fun with my Windows 10 touchscreen computer!

The Blogger app here is a bit weird- never mind, I just had to put it in fullscreen. Okay, it's still weird, I'm just ignoring the oddities so that you guys get your Christmas gift from me.
Which is a blog post. I'm such a lovely friend, aren't I? (The italics were for emphasis on the sarcasm)

Some of my Christmas gifts, in case you care:
new laptop
multiple sets of pajamas
chocolate coins (which I think I've eaten all of at this point)
a replica of Slytherin's Locket
a Time Turner
a t-shirt saying "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"
a drone ("high performance stunt quad copter" according to the packaging, but it's easier to call it a drone. It doesn't take video, and it's meant for indoor use, so...)
a vanilla scented candle
a TARDIS desktop pencil holder
giant hoop earrings (at least 3.5" in diameter)
a tazer (I won't taze you, bro)
a toaster
kitchen utensils
a Captain America hoodie and an Avengers t-shirt
"New York" scented hand soap (Bath & Body Works, my fave) and"Vanilla Bean Noel" hand soap
two sets of earbuds, one set of headphones, and a two-way splitter (though one of the earbud sets is my least favorite kind, but I'll tolerate it if necessary)
the book Black Widow - Forever Red (by Margaret Stohl, and it's Marvel-approved judging by the fact that their logo is on the cover) which I had no idea even existed until today and I am so excited to read
a face-cleaner brush, which I can hopefully use as a replacement for washing my face in the shower, since I'm really only doing it so Mum stops nagging me to
decorative charm letters "R" and "J"
$50 worth of iTunes giftcards
fuzzy socks
math-themed socks
two pairs of "glittens" (glove/mitten hybrids)
a Green Day cd (American Idiot)
a sketching set
a sketchpad (separate from the above)
a hollow book with a notepad inside (manufactured hollow, thank goodness, since I can't stand the lack of respect shown to books in making them hollow)
(the word hollow looks/sounds weird to me now, damn it!)
wood for carving
various underthings
a dancing baby Groot (one of those solar dancy things shaped like Baby Groot in his flowerpot)
various flavored candy sticks
a Minion figure (LEGO-esque)
a blanket scarf (so soft! so pretty!)
a watch (pretty yet sensible)

...and there's probably more that I'm forgetting right now, but likely not much more.

Looking back on this list, I feel kinda like I'm boasting, but now I remember-- wait, no, that example won't work.
I was gonna make an example of how Dudley Dursley got like 37 birthday gifts, but I counted up my list and there's over 30 up there. Though a fair few are from Santa (yes, I still believe in Santa. Don't rain on my parade damn it!), so...
Yeah. I'm spoiled. But so are my brothers, who each got a similarly large number of gifts, and most of theirs were toys! I barely got any toys- though I'm not complaining, I love what I got- and... I lost my point.

Tomorrow's Boxing Day Year-in-Review might be postponed to Sunday, since I may be going to a social event tomorrow, depending on whether Mum wants to go or not. Ernest (I mentioned him on last year's Christmas Day post, as well as the Birthday Live-Blog of 2013) and his family moved to a new house, and his mother (who Mum is kinda friends with) is having a painting party.

In two and a half hours, I'm going over to my aunt's house (Dad's sister) for Christmas. Wonder how it'll go, considering the numerous children, all (or most, depending on who all's there) of whom are younger than me...
Hold on a sec. Isn't anyone older than me not a child, seeing as I'm 17 (and a half)? Hmmm, this must be considered...

But that can wait. It's time for the Burning of the Wrappings! ("IT'S A TRADITION!" screams a faraway voice)

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Other multilingual Christmas greetings!

See you tomorrow,

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Birthdaymas Round Two

On the first day of Birthdaymas my blogger gave to me:
An extremely sincere apology! 

Yeah. I'm sorry I haven't posted since... Ummm... intense mental math... About 361 days ago. I've been busy, I swear.

I'd tell you all about my year, but that's gonna wait until the Boxing Day Year-in-Review.

So for now, I'm gonna outline the plan for the next few days, post-wise.
Today: random chatter 
Tomorrow: Christmas stuff
Friday: Christmas overview (my fave gifts and stuff)
Saturday: Boxing Day Year-in-Review 

That was quick. And I have writer's block right now. So that sucks...

Maybe I'll start making the next few posts. Intros and the like.

Wishing you a good Birthdaymas,