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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I would write an actual post...

But I can't think of anything to actually blog about. So I'll give you a mini-update and we'll hope that I can think of something to actually post soon. Update: I think I'm sick. I have a sore throat, but it's better than it was before, but now I feel slightly sick in my nose. I'm not all "I hab a code", but I feel some pressure, or something similar, in my nose. Hab is now a word according to my computer's dictionary. Everyone in the house except possibly Tom is sick, and I'm going with Mom in blaming the elementary school. Well, she blames the public school system, but I didn't get my maybe-a-cold from school, I got it from Tommy, who's in preschool this year. So I blame the elementary school, since I haven't set foot in one of those in- well, since last December. But I haven't been in the school Tommy's in in like five or so years. So the blame goes on the elementary school, in my mind. (I just realized that my possibly-sick rambles are long enough, and interesting enough if you're bored enough, to be considered a post. To me, at least. But I'm keeping the title.) Anyway, my first Marching Band game is on Friday, the High School open house is Wednesday, and Tommy's first soccer practice is sometime next week, but I can't remember the day. I'm gradually getting used to the sousaphone. I actually wore it for over twenty minutes straight, over twice the length of a regular game show, on Wednesday. I feel accomplished! Tomorrow is Labor Day for all of you who didn't know that, but I hope you knew that. I should have eaten a snack when I could because now I feel hungry and I don't know what or when dinner is. That's sucky, isn't it? And apparently, sucky isn't a real word. If sucky was a real word, it would be much more interesting to describe things. Like vacuum cleaners, they're really sucky(sucking up the dirt, not sucking at cleaning)! I'm rambling because I have really nothing else to do and I'm possibly-sick. I think I'm sick, though, since one of those things in the side of your neck that swell up when you get a cold is swollen. Isn't swollen a funny word? I think so! Yeah, I'm rambling. I hope you have a good, healthy Labor Day! Bye, RJ