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This blog is about all the interesting stuff in the world that I see, and not all of it bores me! The blog name is just somethng cool I came up with. Now with a new look, and more tubas! Be sure to join the Facebook fan page if you like the blog.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am officially on vacation!! What do you think about a live blog on the way to the hotel? Well, since you can't reply right now, I guess I'll do it.

9:31- sitting at the construction zone. BORING!! It's 9:32!! I won't type every minute, but I will give an update every five/ten minutes. Sound good? It does for me! Going to Facebook. I've got some ideas........(scary much?)

9:37- Just posted on Facebook. 84 degrees out already! Not fun for us! Well, it's 9:39, and we just passed a cop and another car on the side of the road! Wonder what that was for...

9:46- Crossing the bridge into Iowa. Looks gloomy! Mississippi River's up. My foot feels weird and tingly. It's probably falling asleep...

9:50- Thinking of getting a bottle of water from the cooler. 9:51!! US-30 W is just past 10TH AVE S!! Mapquest gives interesting facts...

9:58- Bumpy Iowa road... Passing through a little bit of rain. Bored.

10:03- Water time. Still bored.

10:20- Listening to WLLR. Feeling hungry. HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY NEED FOOD NOW HUNGRY WANT FOOD HUNGER!!!!!!!!!!! Hungry rambles...

10:31- every bump in this stupid road jostles my stomach making me hungryer. I broke a law of grammar! oh, wait, and a law of spelling. yep, I'm a rebel. ;)

10:33- growll... That's my stomach talking! It says: GIVE ME FOOD. NOW. My stomach is angry with you! And me. It's still growling at us. I can haz cheezburger?

10:37- fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodz r needed... required........ DEMANDED!!!!!!!!! arghh.. my stomach hates us.

11:40- Had food, now travelling. Verrrry full....... Navigator duties have resumed.

11:45- I am safer with my grandmother than I am with my mom! at least in the car... 10 miles till our exit!!

11:48- My stomach loves us bcuz we fed it. Well, it loves me, but I extend it to you for fun. and entertainment. I'm talking to nobody. wow.....................

11:53- EXIT

11:56- Found a new radio station. My kind of music...

12:02- Afternoon! Finally! After two and a half hours of travel, it's after noon!

2:29- Wind farm #2!!!!!!! I was fake-sleeping when we passed the first one. Aslo, deliberate torture of the guy behind us!!!! Lolz all 'round! He's from Nah-braska! ;) Another wind farm!

2:36- A casino! The Diamond Jo Casino.

2:41- WE'RE IN MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!! Min-neh-so-duh. And ELK!!

8:29- Sitting around the hotel room, bein' boooored.

8:43- *Yawn* Tired, think I'll post this and get to bed soon...............

12:32 pm, 7/22- Forgot to post for like 3 days in a row!! Errgh... Posting now, more vacation details later.

RJ ;)

Monday, July 4, 2011

A VERY Important Birthday

Okay, so... I thought of an idea to get people to notice the blog. A logo!!! I'm making it right now. Actually, I'm making 2. One for the Fourth of July, and another for regular use. As more holidays come around, I might make more logos. Like the Google logo, changing every holiday.

That reminds me! Today is a VERY important birthday for someone we all know and love (well, at least, Americans do): AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*******************HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY*****************************************

Yes, I had to say that. Well, I don't have much time, as I have to get dressed soon, since I'm going over to a relative's house this afternoon. Just so you know, now it is 10:47 AM. So I have an hour and thirteen minutes until noon. Not very long when you're busy writing blog posts and making blog logos. Well, anyway, now that I'm done making the logos, I should show them to you. The images at the top of the page are the logos. I will post them on ITTBM(Interesting Things That Bore Me)'s Facebook page, so you can comment there if you have any suggestions for changes I should make to them. And now, a word from our psycho:BECOME FANS OF ITTBM'S FACEBOOK PAGE! AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TOO! Thank you for considering those words from our psycho. Yes, we have a psycho. No, the psycho doesn't have a name. The psycho is a nameless hobo that wandered by a computer one day and saw that ITTBM needed a resident psycho. The hobo applied, and got the job. He/she now works for me, and his/her name is now going to be Fred. Fred the hobo is ITTBM's resident psycho. He runs the facebook page sometimes. Fred is a very nice psychotic hobo. Fred likes fireworks. He is looking forward to seeing the fireworks that people set off near my backyard. He is not coming to the party with me because he is a psychotic hobo, and that is enough to get him banned from my family parties. Okay, I should start getting ready for the party now.