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Monday, July 18, 2011


I am officially on vacation!! What do you think about a live blog on the way to the hotel? Well, since you can't reply right now, I guess I'll do it.

9:31- sitting at the construction zone. BORING!! It's 9:32!! I won't type every minute, but I will give an update every five/ten minutes. Sound good? It does for me! Going to Facebook. I've got some ideas........(scary much?)

9:37- Just posted on Facebook. 84 degrees out already! Not fun for us! Well, it's 9:39, and we just passed a cop and another car on the side of the road! Wonder what that was for...

9:46- Crossing the bridge into Iowa. Looks gloomy! Mississippi River's up. My foot feels weird and tingly. It's probably falling asleep...

9:50- Thinking of getting a bottle of water from the cooler. 9:51!! US-30 W is just past 10TH AVE S!! Mapquest gives interesting facts...

9:58- Bumpy Iowa road... Passing through a little bit of rain. Bored.

10:03- Water time. Still bored.

10:20- Listening to WLLR. Feeling hungry. HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY NEED FOOD NOW HUNGRY WANT FOOD HUNGER!!!!!!!!!!! Hungry rambles...

10:31- every bump in this stupid road jostles my stomach making me hungryer. I broke a law of grammar! oh, wait, and a law of spelling. yep, I'm a rebel. ;)

10:33- growll... That's my stomach talking! It says: GIVE ME FOOD. NOW. My stomach is angry with you! And me. It's still growling at us. I can haz cheezburger?

10:37- fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodz r needed... required........ DEMANDED!!!!!!!!! arghh.. my stomach hates us.

11:40- Had food, now travelling. Verrrry full....... Navigator duties have resumed.

11:45- I am safer with my grandmother than I am with my mom! at least in the car... 10 miles till our exit!!

11:48- My stomach loves us bcuz we fed it. Well, it loves me, but I extend it to you for fun. and entertainment. I'm talking to nobody. wow.....................

11:53- EXIT

11:56- Found a new radio station. My kind of music...

12:02- Afternoon! Finally! After two and a half hours of travel, it's after noon!

2:29- Wind farm #2!!!!!!! I was fake-sleeping when we passed the first one. Aslo, deliberate torture of the guy behind us!!!! Lolz all 'round! He's from Nah-braska! ;) Another wind farm!

2:36- A casino! The Diamond Jo Casino.

2:41- WE'RE IN MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!! Min-neh-so-duh. And ELK!!

8:29- Sitting around the hotel room, bein' boooored.

8:43- *Yawn* Tired, think I'll post this and get to bed soon...............

12:32 pm, 7/22- Forgot to post for like 3 days in a row!! Errgh... Posting now, more vacation details later.

RJ ;)

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  1. What was that crack about my driving supposed to mean?
    Glad you had fun. And what exactly is your kind of music?