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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Countdown to the End of the World

Sorry I haven't posted in like a month, I've been going through some pretty tough stuff lately.
Remember my New Year's post? You don't? Well, go read it! Go on, I'll wait for you to get back.
* * *
Now that you're back, I still deny the whole "End of the World" theory. For one, they found another Mayan calendar at a different site. Yeah, you need to know what to look for, but you're smart, so I think you guys can figure it out!

So, now that I've proven the earlier theories wrong with a link, I'll go into other things.

For one, the band is having a little End-of-the-World party on Friday after our basketball band performance.
More band news: Madrigal brass is over as of last weekend, I actually had dinner with my show this time(another reference to an earlier post), and- oh, that's it I think.

Mom and I tried to make fudge earlier today, but used the wrong recipe and failed not-quite-epically. And spell-check doesn't think epically is a word.

We're going to make toffee later (and by we I mean Mom and me) and I really hope it's delicious, and another attempt at fudge will come tomorrow, as well as cookies and peppermint bark!

Nothing else to say, except Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going Through Grief

I might not post for a while, since, as the title says, I'm going through grief at the moment. That's because, at 5:36 this morning, my grandmother died. I was her favorite grandchild, and she meant the world to me. I just wanted you to know that I probably won't post for a while, and I wanted you to know why. ~RJ

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sorry I've Been Away...

But I've been super busy! I'm in: Scholastic Bowl, practices are Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00, and the first meet is on Monday, with a tournament on the 10th! Jazz Band, and practices are Tuesdays at 7:30. Madrigal Brass, and practices are Thursday mornings at 7:15. Sauk Valley Band, and practices are Mondays at 6:30. So, you can see that my only free days are Wednesdays and Fridays, and those days I have homework to do, well, and weekends of course I'm free, but then I forget to blog! I should have SO much to say, but I can't think of anything right now to tell you, really. Oh! Actually, I have something related to a previous post that I could say! Remember last year's "I refuse to take dinner with my show!" post? Well, this year I'm getting dinner WITH my show! 'Cause I'm in Jazzy Band! Other things I've done: Helped build the Freshman Float for the Homecoming Parade. Been in the Homecoming Parade for band. Gotten used to the Sousaphone being on my left shoulder. I once held it for like twenty minutes straight! At least more than fifteen minutes, 'cause that's how long I actually knew the time for. Started the Genetics unit in Biology. YAY!! I <3 GENETICS! Became obsessed with Nickelback. Participated in the Three Rivers Conference Band(it's technically the Three Rivers ATHLETIC Conference, but what the heck!). Gotten a GREAT report card. Only one "C"! Been AWESOME!!! Yeah, I've been pretty busy alright! So I hope you'll forgive me for not blogging for a while. By the way, this post brings 2012 into a tie for yearly blog posts with '10, with 25! Yay, right? A LOL for you: Spell Checker suggests Rickenbacker as a correct spelling of Nickelback. Well, it might not be a LOL, but I think it's funny! Also, check out @MHSScholBowl's #MathMondays! I got one right on Columbus Day, but that was the only one I tried I've been forgetting lately... #MathMondays is one math problem every Monday, done by Mr. Smith, or as Mom calls him, Mr. Hottie, the Scholastic Bowl coach. And I'm not afraid to put his last name on here since Smith is like the most common name ever. And sorry Mom, but I had to put that you call him Mr. Hottie! It adds to the hilarity of this post, which was almost nonexistent before. I think that's enough for now, I've been digging around in my brain for long enough to get stuff to tell you. So, Bye! ~RJ

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I would write an actual post...

But I can't think of anything to actually blog about. So I'll give you a mini-update and we'll hope that I can think of something to actually post soon. Update: I think I'm sick. I have a sore throat, but it's better than it was before, but now I feel slightly sick in my nose. I'm not all "I hab a code", but I feel some pressure, or something similar, in my nose. Hab is now a word according to my computer's dictionary. Everyone in the house except possibly Tom is sick, and I'm going with Mom in blaming the elementary school. Well, she blames the public school system, but I didn't get my maybe-a-cold from school, I got it from Tommy, who's in preschool this year. So I blame the elementary school, since I haven't set foot in one of those in- well, since last December. But I haven't been in the school Tommy's in in like five or so years. So the blame goes on the elementary school, in my mind. (I just realized that my possibly-sick rambles are long enough, and interesting enough if you're bored enough, to be considered a post. To me, at least. But I'm keeping the title.) Anyway, my first Marching Band game is on Friday, the High School open house is Wednesday, and Tommy's first soccer practice is sometime next week, but I can't remember the day. I'm gradually getting used to the sousaphone. I actually wore it for over twenty minutes straight, over twice the length of a regular game show, on Wednesday. I feel accomplished! Tomorrow is Labor Day for all of you who didn't know that, but I hope you knew that. I should have eaten a snack when I could because now I feel hungry and I don't know what or when dinner is. That's sucky, isn't it? And apparently, sucky isn't a real word. If sucky was a real word, it would be much more interesting to describe things. Like vacuum cleaners, they're really sucky(sucking up the dirt, not sucking at cleaning)! I'm rambling because I have really nothing else to do and I'm possibly-sick. I think I'm sick, though, since one of those things in the side of your neck that swell up when you get a cold is swollen. Isn't swollen a funny word? I think so! Yeah, I'm rambling. I hope you have a good, healthy Labor Day! Bye, RJ

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fair and Freshmanism

Yes, I know Freshmanism isn't a word, and I really don't care.

Today is the second day of the County Fair, and I'm home taking a break from it. I know, I know, why take a break from the fair? My feet are sore, that's why, and I need a little break to rest my feet.

In other news, school starts next Monday. I'm actually a bit excited, in part because I get to get away from my brothers for seven hours a day and in another part because I want to get back to school. Not the waking up early part, the bored part, or the homework part- the learning part, the having lunch every day at the same time part. (Not that I don't like the whole meal schedule at home, Mom, I just like that I have lunch at the same time every day at school.)

I'm actually taking most of my semester electives second semester, except for general business. One funny thing - the Health and PE teacher's name is Whitebread. And white bread isn't really all that healthy! Nothing against the teacher, I haven't even met them yet.

Another thing I'm excited about is Spanish class. I already know some Spanish, but I get to learn more and take a structured class on it. Yay!

Anyway, that's all I can think of to write right now. I'll update you on my Freshmanism later, see you type to you later!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing... Delly!

I got a new laptop today! A Dell Inspiron that I named Delly! I was thinking about Adell(like Adele), but I much prefer Delly. She(yes, Delly's a girl laptop)'s awesome and shiny and new.

I also got Sims 3, and am currently installing it. Just the base game. I think I can wait for Christmas for the expansion packs. I think. I mean, it's only four months away!

Anyway, you may be asking how I managed to purchase a four-hundred-dollar laptop. Or not, if you're Mom or you actually know me outside of the internets.

I detassled to get the money to buy Delly. Detassling, if you don't know, is where you walk through cornfields and pull the tassels, the parts with the pollen on them, off the female corn. It's hot, sweaty, sore-feet work and even though I haven't been doing it since Friday, I still wake up with sore feet.

In other news, I'm starting high school in a few weeks!! I'm actually kind of excited. But then again, I am a very odd person.

Oh, Sims 3 is nearly all the way installed. I'm gonna have to go soon. Now right now, but really soon. Because there's a little less than an inch left on the bar, and it's not installing build mode any more.


Monday, June 11, 2012


As you can tell from the title, I am bored. And I can't think of anything to blog about. So I guess I'll just write random thoughts I have.

Chihuahua sleeping on my leg.
Paula Sands can't kabob tofu.
Punk rockers smash lightbulbs on their heads.
Bassoons burn longer than oboes.
I'm bored of this already.
Mariah Carey is Miss Iowa. A different Mariah Carey.
I spelled Mariah wrong.
Chihuahua moved his head off my leg.
Ina Garten in a garden.

This is totally lame.

You're bored of this, aren't you?
I am too.

I wish my life was more interesting right now. But, when you're watching Barefoot Contessa, you're generally guaranteed to get bored. Unless you like Barefoot Contessa, of course.

Pageant-ing is apparently a good way to get scholarships.

I'm bored of blogging. Sorry, Mom.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ice Cream Cakes and Tablets

I forgot to post on my birthday. I am sorry.
I am posting today instead. I hope you forgive me.

Last night, I ate ice cream cake. For my birthday. Which was on Wednesday.
Thursday, I ordered a tablet computer from Walmart. It should be here around Monday. It might have been here tomorrow, but. as Fred reminds me,
"No post on Sundays!"
No post on Sundays.

In about half an hour, I am going to Ash's house for her graduation party.

For my birthday, I got the Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 game. I beat the story part of the game yesterday.

I feel like eating ice cream cake. And I will.

I'll post after the party with my tired/possibly sugary ramblings.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Caving in to My Busy Week

Today, I went spelunking.
I also went Caving!
And crawling through tunnels!
And I got muddy!

Basically, I had fun.

So, this morning, I went to school, got on a bus, and took an hour-or-two bus ride to Maquoketa, IA. Then, I listened to someone who works there talk about the caves. After that, I went and spelunked. Spelunking is the sport of crawling through caves. Spelunking is fun. There was this one cave, Rainy Day cave, where I got all muddy. Muddiness is fun. But I washed off the mud.

Tomorrow, after practicing graduating, and eating lunch, I will be going to Plum Hollow and playing laser tag. And something else I can't remember. Mini golf, perhaps. There's probably other stuff, as well, but I don't know about it!

And Wednesday is graduation. At 7pm. And afterwards is a dance! Just for 8th graders! Before graduation, I am going to go get my hair and nails done. Yay I get to feel like a pretty pretty princess! And I actually have no idea whether or not the previous sentence was sarcastic or not.

That is my busy half-week.


Oh! I forgot something! Thursday is the last, last day of school! The quintessential twenty-minute day!
After 8:30AM Thursday, it is officially SUMMER!!!


Friday, May 11, 2012

RJ the Me and the Very Busy Next Two Weeks

This week is was the only relatively calm week of May. Really. That relative calm ended today. Tomorrow, I will be going to my Great-Aunt MJ's for a family gathering/pool party, Sunday's Mother's Day, Monday I have an art field trip orientation. Tuesday, probably some random end-of-year stuff for school, like final assignments and such. Same for Wednesday-Friday. Saturday, the actual art field trip. Sunday, a detassling meeting. Next Monday, there is a field trip to the Maquoketa Caves, Tuesday, a trip to Plum Hollow, Wednesday is 8th grade graduation. Next Thursday is the last day of school, dismissing at 8:30.

Things I learned this week:

Remember Mrs. Wayne from MathCounts? All those (3) months ago? Well, during computers class, I heard that when she and her husband go biking, her husband doesn't wear underwear. He wears biking shorts. With butt padding.

Totally unnecessary information, I know. Oh, this post was sponsored by absolutely nobody! Really, I have no sponsors. Just Brownie and a psychotic hobo who doesn't actually exist. But Brownie exists. He's sitting right in front of the keyboard! I took a picture and sent it to my email, and will add it soon. The picture, not my email!

Brownie. In front of the keyboard.
And that, my readers, is the marvelous Brownie. I kinda want to give him a job on the blog.

Jobs on the blog - Person who does said job
Writer - RJ
Editor - RJ
Tech Producer - RJ
Mascot - *open*
Everything else - RJ

Brownie shall be our mascot! Now to use him as a Facebook page profile picture!

Now to go explore the interwebs. I shall have so much fun!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Art Teachers Who Eat Pizza

Today, I went to the Art Show at the junior high. And I saw Mr. Bonneur, the art teacher. And had pizza with him. Like really, I had pizza with Mr. Bonneur.

This is (kind of) how the pre-pizza conversation went:

Mr. B: Are you hungry?
Me: A bit...
Mr. B: I'm gonna go have a slice of pizza. You can have one, too.
Me: Okay!
*I follow Mr. B up the ramp and through the gatey-thingy.*
Mr. B: What kind of pizza do you like?
Me: What do you have?
Mr. B: Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and saugase and mushroom.
Me: I like cheese pizza.
Mr. B: Okay.
*We get to art room, Mr. B gets out leftover pizza, can't find a slice of cheese.*
Mr. B: I got pepperoni. No cheese, though.
Me: I don't mind pepperoni.
Mr. B: You want two slices?
Me: One's good.
Mr. B: You like it warm?
Me: Yeah.
Mr. B: I have a microwave. A suggestion: Put two paper towels over it and cook it for 45 seconds.
Me: Okay.
*I do as told while Mr. B picks out his own slice of pizza.*
Mr. B: I have soda in the fridge.
**I will tell you how cool the art room is after pizza details.**

And, after our pizza eating, we go back down to the art show and Mr. B does his art show managing.

About half an hour later, Mr. Nesti shows up.

For those of you who do not know Mr. Nesti, I will give you a brief "introduction" to him.
For those of you who do know Mr. Nesti, ignore the following:
Mr. Nesti was the MJHS art teacher from like 1973 to 2011. That's right, he taught for 38 years. THIRTY-EIGHT. And he's FREAKING AWESOME! He taught my mom, he taught me, and he taught various other people in between.

(And yes, Mom, I hyperlinked to your blog in my blog.)

So, in one day, I saw two art teachers who have eaten pizza in my presence.
Mr. Nesti (pizza at Giordano's(Chicago pizza place serving REAL Chicago-style deep-dish pizza) on my first Nesti-art-trip.)
Mr. Bonneur (pizza with me in room 11 (art room at MJHS) today.)

And, I volunteered to help with after-art-show stuff tomorrow. Aren't I awesome?

Now for art room awesomeness!

The art room has:
Plastic tubs full of odd items *to list later*
Prismacolor colored pencils (the best)
Four sets of sinks
A mini-kitchen in the back (coffee machine, microwave, minifridge)
A lot of the best art equipment that our (not so wealthy!) school district can buy *more info on "a lot" later*
And a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

Examples of plastic tub contents:
Barbie doll pieces (heads, arms, legs, etc.)
Old toys

More info on "A lot":
In January, a pipe in the school froze and burst, flooding part of the school and damaging some of the art equipment (I think Mr. B said something like $16,000. Or sixty. Thousand. Or six thousand. Somewhere in the thousands!), along with some finished pieces, and like three kids' stuff(their lockers were right under the water flow).

Yeah. That's not good. We used to have *ALL* the best art equipment our district could buy, but some-number-in-the-thousands-that-has-a-six-in-it-but-not-hundred-thousands-dollars of it was destroyed by the flood.

Ash has food in her backpack. WTW??? (what the what???)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kings of Lumber

Today, at 10:30, I left school and went to Clinton for a baseball game. At the game, I ate nachos and a mini funnel cake. When we wre about to leave, I went into the souvenir shop. Sadly, I didn't have enough money for a souvenir. When I was standing at the gate with my group, our chaperone heard a foul ball come out of the park and told the group. I, along with two sixth grade girls, went running to find the ball. A guy stting on a bench outside the gate said it had gone behind some bushes across the street. The sixth graders and I went for the bushes, and I found the ball first and grabbed it. I had a souvenir, for free!

That's all I wanted to say, really.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sorries and Sharpies

I am very sorry that I have not posted as I promised. I've been busy, and the computer's always been taken(except for right now of course!), so I have been unable to post.

I have a big black purse that's not even full of Sharpies. And it's holding 79 of them! I have even more, but the two I have that aren't in the bag are pretty much dead, and the rest of them that work are at school. Urgh, I want to have all my Sharpies in one place! Except the dead ones, of course. Those go in the trash 'cause they don't work.


I have been inspired by an awesome blog called 1000 Awesome Things.
My favorite one (so far) is #576. Appreciating the beauty of all your body’s scars and scratches. You should read it. Really, you should.
Considering the above, I feel like chattering about my various scars. Actually, I only have two of them. One on my wrist, that I have no idea how I got, and one on my ankle that I got last October from a tuba case I was carrying(with help, of course!) into the school where IMEA auditions were taking place. I didn't even get into IMEA, and I got a scar from it! Really!

So, I really want to go outside/think of a use for my Sharpies.


Saturday, March 31, 2012


...the Spring Break series!

I(along with Fred, my psychotic hobo(yes he's mine)) am proud to present...

...the Spring Break series!

Featuring details of my daily quests, Fred's ramblings, and maybe some comments from our affiliates, the Brownies!!

And yes, I used the word affiliates. No, I don't know what it means. :)

Now for a word from our sponsor! Wait, we don't have a sponsor. We need a sponsor! Someone to add to our staff! I shall search for a sponsor!

Found a sponsor! Sara the Triceratops! Whom my brother Danny wants to kidnap!

Now for a word from our sponsor!
Sara- Hello, I am Sara the Triceratops. You all should read ITTBM this next week to follow the Spring Break series. I have nothing else to say. Back to you, RJ.
Don't you love sponsors? Oh, and I see our affiliates, the Brownies, sitting nearby! Let's talk to them!
Brownie red- Hello, and welcome to ITTBM. I hope you like our Spring Break series. This post is getting awfully repetitive-
Brownie blue- Sara just got kidnapped by Danny!
Brownie red- Thanks for the info.
Brownie blue- No prob, bro!
Red- How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me bro!
I think that's enough from the Brownies("red" and "blue" refer to the color of the hair ties they wear, so as to tell them apart. Without the difference in color, they're identical!)

So, tune in tomorrow to read the next post of...
...the Spring Break series!

And Red was right, this post is awfully repetitive.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crickets in a Bucket! Edits! And Why Mylar Balloons Suck Fish.

Title(part 1): There is a bucket of crickets in my basement. Yep, a bucket of crickets!
Title(part 2): Today, I saw a presentation on electrical safety. Part of it was on the dangers of Mylar balloons. They're balloons made of aluminum foil. Or aluminium foil, if you're British! So, anyway, Mylar balloons can cause transformers to short out. Not Transformers, like Optimus Prime, but transformers like the ones that reduce the wattage of your electricity. So, in conclusion, Mylar balloons suck fish!!

On to other things now!

In two days, the Hunger Games movie is coming out.
Today is the first day of spring.
I am adding a Facebook "like" button to the blog. Or attempting to, anyway!
It's not quite working, the "like" button... More editing!
According to the new gadget, ITTBM has been viewed 1,634 times overall! More editing!
Deleted a few things... More editing!
Pretty much done editing for now.

Had to go put a pot of water on to boil for supper.
Anyway- ooh! Idea!

--This Week in Life--
Tomorrow- not sure.
Thursday- Contest Concert. I have to be there at 6:30. Concert (probably) starts at seven.
Friday- Not sure, really, but it's Friday! Friday! Gotta- not think of that song.
Saturday- Contest. I have a solo at like eleven-something. I need to be at the High School at around 7:45.

Event Details!
Song order-
Marche Militaire Francais
Beginner's Debut(day-butt, according to Senor Frijole, the band teacher)(featuring... the fifth grade band and their many flutists!)
Dark Adventure(it's an adventure in darkness!)
Celebration and Dance(a very complicated, 3-page song that I dislike because of it's complicatedness!)

Contest- Pretty much described above.

Mom must go vote!
Tommy's hair can't work until he has had supper!
Danny is being very cute!
I am blogging!
Tommy is going to vote with Mom while I watch the Dan-o!

That's enough for one day, don't'cha think?


Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer in March! And Pi!

Title: The high for today is 79 degrees. Yep, 79. Right now, as I am typing, it is 53 degrees.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy. Pi day and the like, you know how it is. I'm a busy person!

Wednesday was Pi Day. In Algebra on Wednesday, J-rod, the kid who sits behind me, challenged me to write down all the digits of pi I could find on the internet. I wrote down 1,000 that day, and I took a break yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, when I was going to my locker at 3:0-something, Mr. B, the Art teacher, stopped me in the hall and said he had heard that I knew pi up to the 40th decimal place. Well, it hadn't been specified, but you know what I mean. Anyway, he asked me to say what I knew of pi, so I did. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971. Pi to the 40th decimal place!

Next Thursday, I have a band concert, then Saturday, I have Contest. Urgh, contest. I'm hoping beyond hope that they split the low brass and the regular brass into two rooms for solos, so I have a chance at the honor recital. It probably won't happen, though.

I've gotta go to school now, bye! Going to show J-rod my pi paper!

Friday, March 2, 2012

On the Road!!!

Hello from the school van!!! We are on the interstate, heading to Lisle!!!!! We are going to stop at the Dekalb Oasis for a quick break, then continue on to Lisle. We left about an hour ago, and are at mile marker 52 1/2. Or somewhere around there. We're near Dixon. Everyone is playing on their electronics. Zinko on her iPod, Tromborne, McCrumpet[WonderBoy McCoy], and Drumhoff are sharing a Nintendo and McCrumpet's Kindle.

Not much else to report.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tomorrow, I will be leaving for MathCounts! With Zinko and the others, of course. We will be staying in ahotel in Lisle, and Saturday, we will compete!!!

I'm still not used to Kindleblogging. But practice makes perfect, right?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

We are going mobile!!!

As I said I would attempt to do in the previous post, I am blogging from my Kindle!!
It is rather awkward, but i think I can get used to it. Like texting!



Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Logo!!

I just made a new logo, in celebration of us going to the State MathCounts competition!

I will explain now.

I will be attempting to blog from my Kindle on this trip, thus the "goes to". The stars are for decoration. The little "awareness ribbons" are also for decoration. The tiny text on the bottom is a little bit of info for you. The symbols on the bottom are... well, I'll explain.

"There will be no dogs, no smoking, luggage, money, and nerds. No denying it."
(symbol one: no dogs. symbol 2: no smoking. symbol 3: luggage. symbol 4: money. symbol 5: nerds. symbol 6: no "no" (thus the "no denying it"))
Aren't I so clever? I think I'll try in a minute to access my Blogger account from my Kindle, but I won't post. This is my last post for today, see ya!


Welll... I'm back!

Title: You can probably figure it out. Because I believe in you, my readers!

Yeah. I'm feeling a bit odd right now, as I recently finished a can of Mountain Dew. But, on the bright side, this post will be highly amusing! Aren't I so lovely...

So... This past week has been pretty uneventful. Next week, however, will be busy with a capital b-u-s-y! And no, I am not insane. It's the Mountain Dew and the fact that the County Spelling Bee is on Monday. Yes, in just two days, I will be facing off against all the smartest kids in the county, well probably not all of them, just maybe about 19-29 of them I don't know how many, but still. You get the point, right?

Then, next Friday, I will be leaving for the State MathCounts competition! I will be bringing my Kindle and will attempt to blog from it to give you updates. Anyway, we leave on Friday, me and 4 others who I do not want to name since I have weird little nicknames for them. Actually, I will in a few sentences. So, myself and four others will be leaving in the school van to go to Lisle. We will leave from school. Near the end of the day, of course, but yeah. We will spend the night at a hotel, then the next day we will go to wherever the competition takes place in the hotel and COMPETE!! Participants (my personal nicknames for them, of course) include: Wonder-Boy McCoy(he has been mentioned in previous posts), Tromborn(WBMC's cousin), Zinko(not much to say about her), and Drumhoff(he plays percussion in band, obviously).

And, right now, Ash is sitting behind me with her phone, doing mysterious things with it. I think she's taking pictures of the back of my head, but I don't know. There have been three camera shutter sounds, a lot of beeps, and I caught her with the phone raised to take a picture once. Hmmmmm...

More beeps... Ash is pressing buttons!

I found out what she was doing. She was taking pictures of me and posted one of them on Facebook. I commented. She is commenting as we speak- I mean as I type.

Bored now.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Squeal!!!!!!!!! Shriek!!!!!!!!!!! Dance!!!!!!! YAYNESS!!!!!

Title: I am very EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, you ask?
Well, today was the Chapter MathCounts competition (Rock River Chapter) and guess what?
(What, you ask?)
We won! We won! We wooon!!!

On March 2, I (along with three others(the team)) get to leave school early and go to Lisle. Or Lyle. However it's spelled, I don't really know.
We will eat out for dinner, stay the night in a hotel, go to the competition place, do the competition, and... WIN!!!(at least, Kyle thinks we will. *Background info later!*)

*Background info!*
Kyle- the "genius"
Zach- Kyle's cousin, "part-genius"
Maya- plays oboe in band
ME!- You know about me already!!
Mrs. W.- awesome math teacher who bought the whole team+alternates lunch just 'cause we won!!
THE ALTERNATES(our alternates from today, they won't be coming to state)
Kaleb- Kyle's little brother, also got the smart gene.
Isaac- Kaleb's friend, plays percussion
Allison- Maya's friend, plays flute
All team/alternates are in band.
March 3, 2012
More to come later.

There were 2 8th graders (me & Kyle), 3 7th graders (Zach, Maya, and Allison), and 2 6th graders (Kaleb and Isaac).
This morning, I was counting our group in my head and I forgot Zach. But he dislikes me anyway, so why should I care?(he used to call me an idiot. Then I told the principal about it! As Ash would say, tee hee!)

Anyway. I got a new trooophy, put it with my old one(I had to move the old one to a wider shelf! I may just need to move them again if we win state like Kyle says we will! 'Cause then I'll have 3! And I think the state one is bigger than the chapter ones! (Oh, and if we go to national, we get free graphing calculators! Texas Instruments' newest models! Which I don't know the name of! (And if we win nationals, I'll need ANOTHER trophy shelf, or I'll use the shelf that the two trophies I have already are currently on. Because such an important trophy deserves a place of honor. And one that's got chalkboard behind it!)))

Wow, I am feeling really optimistic! I guess WINNING does that to you!

Not wanting to over-talk you with MathCounts stuff.


PS- You no longer need to ask Charlie Sheen how to win. Just ask me! I WON!!!!(along with three others, of course, but still)!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Desperately wanted to post...

I just wanted to post again. I have no idea why, except that I probably want to have more posts this year than I did last year. Last year I posted eighteen times, and in '10 I posted twenty-five times. Not very many posts! So far, I've posted four times, not counting this post, this year.

Super Bowl Facty-facts
Teams: New England Patriots v. New York Giants
Date: Tomorrow
In Roman Numerals: XLVI
In Arabic Numerals: 46
By the way, Arabic numerals are the ones we use today. In case you didn't figure that out already.

For history-lovers and football-lovers alike, here is a list of the Super Bowls of the past, their competing teams, and their winners(in bold type)

Super Bowl I- Kansas City Chiefs v. Green Bay Packers
SB II- Oakland Raiders v. Green Bay Packers
III- New York Jets v. Baltimore Colts
IV- Kansas City Chiefs v. Minnesota Vikings
V- Baltimore Colts v. Dallas Cowboys
VI- Dallas Cowboys v. Miami Dolphins
VII- Miami Dolphins v. Washington Redskins
VIII- Miami Dolphins v. Minnesota Vikings
IX- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Minnesota Vikings
X- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Dallas Cowboys
XI- Oakland Raiders v. Minnesota Vikings
XII- Dallas Cowboys v. Denver Broncos
XIII- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Dallas Cowboys
XIV- Pittsburgh Steelers v. Los Angeles Rams
XV- Oakland Raiders v. Philadelphia Eagles
XVI- San Fransisco 49'ers v. Cincinnati Bengals
XVII- Redskins v. Dolphins
XVIII- Los Angeles Raiders v. Redskins
XIX- 49'ers v. Dolphins
XX- Chicago Bears v. New England Patriots
XXI- New York Giants v. Broncos
XXII- Redskins v. Broncos
XXIII- 49'ers v. Bengals
XXIV- 49'ers v. Broncos
XXV- Giants v. Buffalo Bills
XXVI- Redskins v. Bills
XXVII & XXVIII- Cowboys v. Bills (yes, they did play each other two years in a row with the same results. Not the same scores, though!)
XXIX- 49'ers v. San Diego Chargers
XXX- Cowboys v. Steelers
XXXI- Packers v. Patriots
XXXII- Broncos v. Packers
XXXIII- Broncos v. Atlanta Falcons
XXXIV- St. Louis Rams v. Tennessee Titans
XXXV- Baltimore Ravens v. Giants
XXXVI- Patriots v. Rams
XXXVII- Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Raiders
XXXVIII- Patriots v. Carolina Panthers (I don't know if it's both the Carolinas. Wikipedia didn't say)
XXXIX- Patriots v. Eagles
XL- Steelers v. Seattle Seahawks
XLI- Colts v. Bears
XLII- Giants v. Patriots
XLIII- Steelers v. Arizona Cardinals
XLIV- New Orleans Saints v. Indianapolis Colts
XLV- Packers v. Steelers

That's a lot of Super Bowls!

The top three teams in Super Bowl history are:
1. Steelers, with 6 wins
2. Cowboys, with 5 wins
3. 49'ers, with 5 wins

Now for my own personal remarks!

Why do people think the Packers are so bad? They won the first two Super Bowls, after all!

Why do people find football so interesting, especially random Super Bowl facts? They make me type a lot!

Yeah, my remarks aren't very funny right now.

So, see you next post!


The Super-Stupid-Bowl Approaches...

Title: Tomorrow, Super-Stupid-Bowl forty-six-or-so is going to be playing all over TV.

You know, when I hear Super Bowl, I think of a giant bowl. Possibly full of flame.
(the Super Bowl was one of the topics for my "LAWNS" computer class thingy yesterday. I depicted it as a large bowl full of flames.)
Yeah, so... Anyway... Yesterday I had my Band pictures re-taken! The old ones made my face look fat. My face is NOT fat!
Ummm...... can't think of anything more to-
Yesterday, in Science class, I debated! My topic and point-of-view was against Therapeutic Cloning, which I actually support. But I was assigned that side, so I debated it the best I could. And I think... I did awesomely!

Another topic: Firefox is constantly coming up with new updates for me! I have 9.something.something, and when I opened up Firefox today, it said my Firefox is out of date! Gosh, can't I go a month without being pestered about Firefox updates? Really!

Yeah, out of things to rant about.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Thought of a new way to blog

Not entirely different, but I was thinking maybe a weekly update, on Fridays, cause I have more time and more things to update you with.

Like the fact that I've discovered a new way to listen to 50's-80's music without YouTube searching every song.


I'm currently listening to Micheal Jackson's Thriller, cause I can. This is an awesome site for old music! (Mom, you should go on it. You can listen to the Ramones!)

Anyway. The Super-Stupid-Bowl is coming up. I think Mom will be happy to hear that the Patriots will be playing this year! Patriots verse Giants on February fifth, all over TV. Sadly, I have no TV of my own, so I think I'll have to watch Mom's "home state" play.

Weird fact: Mom thinks New England is her home state. You've never been to New England, Mom! And New England is a REGION, not a state!

Now I'm listening to Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar. Just cause, why not?

Remember how, Monday, I told you that I would find out the MathCounts test results on Tuesday? I "lied". Actually, I made a mistake. I forgot that there was s second part to the test. Next Tuesday I will find out the true results! But, as of last Tuesday, I am (yet again) second to Kyle! The bastard! (Not really!)

Yeah, can't think of any other-

The school flooded last Friday! I can't find any news articles about it, and I wasn't there, so I can't really describe it well.

Nothing more to say, so...


Monday, January 23, 2012

My AWESOMENESS Never Fails to Amaze...

Me, People, the People that Watched the Spelling Bee... etc.

Anyway, on with the post.

I got second place in the school spelling bee today! I know, I know, why am I not crying and moping, you ask. It's because I lost to the smartest guy in school, Kyle. I don't care that I lost to him, I still won! (In my opinion.)

Okay, off the topic of spelling bees, I will now present you with my Schedule of Awesome!
- -
Tomorrow- Find out if I beat Kyle at the MathCounts test!
February 11- Mathcounts competition!
Sometime at the end of February- County spelling bee!
March something- Music contest!
April something- Tri-County concert!
May 30- My Birthday!
June or July something- A wedding! Of one of my many cousins!
August I don't know what to who knows when- County Fair!
You all know about the big holidays.
January 14- ITTBM's THIRD Birthday!

But that last one's a ways away. Still, tomorrow is mentioned above! (Tomorrow is January 24, if you didn't read the post date of this post.)

Anyway. I can't think of anything to write anymore!


PS, I hope this was an adaquate post.
PPS. I know I spelled adequate wrong. That word was the cause of me NOT winning the spelling bee. *angry face*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, ITTBM!

Interesting Things That Bore Me (ITTBM) is two years old as of Saturday! Isn't that just awesome?

Okay, I really want to write something completely and totally awesome for this birthday post, but sadly, I have writer's block. :(

Like really, I want to write something totally awesome that will wow the pants off you, my readers. But I just can't! You pants shall stay un-wowed.

Still can't think of anything. So, I'm letting Fred the Psychotic Hobo take over for now!
- -
Hey blog readers, remember me? Fred, the psychotic hobo?

I'm baaack!! And less psychotic than before!

See, RJ told me that if I tried to be less psycho and more nice, I could continue to hang out in the basement and eat the abundant fruit snacks this house contains. I love fruit snacks...

Well, as ITTBM has been around for two years now, I think we ought to have ourselves a little party! But, RJ says no parties for me. I never get to have parties... But RJ does let me play with her abundant LEGOs! I love playing with LEGOs. They're so fun and blocky! I built myself a house with them, but I can't fit in it. If I could, I would move out of RJ's basement and into the backyard! Another not-so-good thing about LEGOs, they're not insulated! My house would be cold in all the snow outside!

Did RJ tell you that last Thursday we had a bit of a snowstorm? We did! She got out of school early because of the snow! And there's more snow now! RJ's attempting to build an igloo, well not right now of course, so maybe I could move into the igloo once she finishes it!
- -
Yeah, that's enough from Fred. He keeps pestering me about the igloo I started yesterday! Anyway, did Fred successfully wow the pants off you guys? If not, that's okay. It would probably be better if you kept your pants on in this cold weather!

Can't think of anything else. Hopefully I at least wowed the hats off of you! Even if you're not wearing hats! By the way, if you weren't wearing a hat when you started reading this post, it means it was wowed off you without being exposed to the awesomeness of this birthday post!

Now, to finish off this post, a birthday song.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear ITTBM,
Happy birthday to yoooou... | |
And here's a birthday caaake...

RJ (and Fred the Psychotic Hobo)

Happy Second Birthday, ITTBM!