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Saturday, March 31, 2012


...the Spring Break series!

I(along with Fred, my psychotic hobo(yes he's mine)) am proud to present...

...the Spring Break series!

Featuring details of my daily quests, Fred's ramblings, and maybe some comments from our affiliates, the Brownies!!

And yes, I used the word affiliates. No, I don't know what it means. :)

Now for a word from our sponsor! Wait, we don't have a sponsor. We need a sponsor! Someone to add to our staff! I shall search for a sponsor!

Found a sponsor! Sara the Triceratops! Whom my brother Danny wants to kidnap!

Now for a word from our sponsor!
Sara- Hello, I am Sara the Triceratops. You all should read ITTBM this next week to follow the Spring Break series. I have nothing else to say. Back to you, RJ.
Don't you love sponsors? Oh, and I see our affiliates, the Brownies, sitting nearby! Let's talk to them!
Brownie red- Hello, and welcome to ITTBM. I hope you like our Spring Break series. This post is getting awfully repetitive-
Brownie blue- Sara just got kidnapped by Danny!
Brownie red- Thanks for the info.
Brownie blue- No prob, bro!
Red- How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me bro!
I think that's enough from the Brownies("red" and "blue" refer to the color of the hair ties they wear, so as to tell them apart. Without the difference in color, they're identical!)

So, tune in tomorrow to read the next post of...
...the Spring Break series!

And Red was right, this post is awfully repetitive.


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