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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crickets in a Bucket! Edits! And Why Mylar Balloons Suck Fish.

Title(part 1): There is a bucket of crickets in my basement. Yep, a bucket of crickets!
Title(part 2): Today, I saw a presentation on electrical safety. Part of it was on the dangers of Mylar balloons. They're balloons made of aluminum foil. Or aluminium foil, if you're British! So, anyway, Mylar balloons can cause transformers to short out. Not Transformers, like Optimus Prime, but transformers like the ones that reduce the wattage of your electricity. So, in conclusion, Mylar balloons suck fish!!

On to other things now!

In two days, the Hunger Games movie is coming out.
Today is the first day of spring.
I am adding a Facebook "like" button to the blog. Or attempting to, anyway!
It's not quite working, the "like" button... More editing!
According to the new gadget, ITTBM has been viewed 1,634 times overall! More editing!
Deleted a few things... More editing!
Pretty much done editing for now.

Had to go put a pot of water on to boil for supper.
Anyway- ooh! Idea!

--This Week in Life--
Tomorrow- not sure.
Thursday- Contest Concert. I have to be there at 6:30. Concert (probably) starts at seven.
Friday- Not sure, really, but it's Friday! Friday! Gotta- not think of that song.
Saturday- Contest. I have a solo at like eleven-something. I need to be at the High School at around 7:45.

Event Details!
Song order-
Marche Militaire Francais
Beginner's Debut(day-butt, according to Senor Frijole, the band teacher)(featuring... the fifth grade band and their many flutists!)
Dark Adventure(it's an adventure in darkness!)
Celebration and Dance(a very complicated, 3-page song that I dislike because of it's complicatedness!)

Contest- Pretty much described above.

Mom must go vote!
Tommy's hair can't work until he has had supper!
Danny is being very cute!
I am blogging!
Tommy is going to vote with Mom while I watch the Dan-o!

That's enough for one day, don't'cha think?


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  1. There are no crickets in the basement. In an unrelated topic, we have a bucket in our basement. The two are not connected. Your title is a misnomer.