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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing... Delly!

I got a new laptop today! A Dell Inspiron that I named Delly! I was thinking about Adell(like Adele), but I much prefer Delly. She(yes, Delly's a girl laptop)'s awesome and shiny and new.

I also got Sims 3, and am currently installing it. Just the base game. I think I can wait for Christmas for the expansion packs. I think. I mean, it's only four months away!

Anyway, you may be asking how I managed to purchase a four-hundred-dollar laptop. Or not, if you're Mom or you actually know me outside of the internets.

I detassled to get the money to buy Delly. Detassling, if you don't know, is where you walk through cornfields and pull the tassels, the parts with the pollen on them, off the female corn. It's hot, sweaty, sore-feet work and even though I haven't been doing it since Friday, I still wake up with sore feet.

In other news, I'm starting high school in a few weeks!! I'm actually kind of excited. But then again, I am a very odd person.

Oh, Sims 3 is nearly all the way installed. I'm gonna have to go soon. Now right now, but really soon. Because there's a little less than an inch left on the bar, and it's not installing build mode any more.