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Friday, May 11, 2012

RJ the Me and the Very Busy Next Two Weeks

This week is was the only relatively calm week of May. Really. That relative calm ended today. Tomorrow, I will be going to my Great-Aunt MJ's for a family gathering/pool party, Sunday's Mother's Day, Monday I have an art field trip orientation. Tuesday, probably some random end-of-year stuff for school, like final assignments and such. Same for Wednesday-Friday. Saturday, the actual art field trip. Sunday, a detassling meeting. Next Monday, there is a field trip to the Maquoketa Caves, Tuesday, a trip to Plum Hollow, Wednesday is 8th grade graduation. Next Thursday is the last day of school, dismissing at 8:30.

Things I learned this week:

Remember Mrs. Wayne from MathCounts? All those (3) months ago? Well, during computers class, I heard that when she and her husband go biking, her husband doesn't wear underwear. He wears biking shorts. With butt padding.

Totally unnecessary information, I know. Oh, this post was sponsored by absolutely nobody! Really, I have no sponsors. Just Brownie and a psychotic hobo who doesn't actually exist. But Brownie exists. He's sitting right in front of the keyboard! I took a picture and sent it to my email, and will add it soon. The picture, not my email!

Brownie. In front of the keyboard.
And that, my readers, is the marvelous Brownie. I kinda want to give him a job on the blog.

Jobs on the blog - Person who does said job
Writer - RJ
Editor - RJ
Tech Producer - RJ
Mascot - *open*
Everything else - RJ

Brownie shall be our mascot! Now to use him as a Facebook page profile picture!

Now to go explore the interwebs. I shall have so much fun!


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