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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Art Teachers Who Eat Pizza

Today, I went to the Art Show at the junior high. And I saw Mr. Bonneur, the art teacher. And had pizza with him. Like really, I had pizza with Mr. Bonneur.

This is (kind of) how the pre-pizza conversation went:

Mr. B: Are you hungry?
Me: A bit...
Mr. B: I'm gonna go have a slice of pizza. You can have one, too.
Me: Okay!
*I follow Mr. B up the ramp and through the gatey-thingy.*
Mr. B: What kind of pizza do you like?
Me: What do you have?
Mr. B: Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and saugase and mushroom.
Me: I like cheese pizza.
Mr. B: Okay.
*We get to art room, Mr. B gets out leftover pizza, can't find a slice of cheese.*
Mr. B: I got pepperoni. No cheese, though.
Me: I don't mind pepperoni.
Mr. B: You want two slices?
Me: One's good.
Mr. B: You like it warm?
Me: Yeah.
Mr. B: I have a microwave. A suggestion: Put two paper towels over it and cook it for 45 seconds.
Me: Okay.
*I do as told while Mr. B picks out his own slice of pizza.*
Mr. B: I have soda in the fridge.
**I will tell you how cool the art room is after pizza details.**

And, after our pizza eating, we go back down to the art show and Mr. B does his art show managing.

About half an hour later, Mr. Nesti shows up.

For those of you who do not know Mr. Nesti, I will give you a brief "introduction" to him.
For those of you who do know Mr. Nesti, ignore the following:
Mr. Nesti was the MJHS art teacher from like 1973 to 2011. That's right, he taught for 38 years. THIRTY-EIGHT. And he's FREAKING AWESOME! He taught my mom, he taught me, and he taught various other people in between.

(And yes, Mom, I hyperlinked to your blog in my blog.)

So, in one day, I saw two art teachers who have eaten pizza in my presence.
Mr. Nesti (pizza at Giordano's(Chicago pizza place serving REAL Chicago-style deep-dish pizza) on my first Nesti-art-trip.)
Mr. Bonneur (pizza with me in room 11 (art room at MJHS) today.)

And, I volunteered to help with after-art-show stuff tomorrow. Aren't I awesome?

Now for art room awesomeness!

The art room has:
Plastic tubs full of odd items *to list later*
Prismacolor colored pencils (the best)
Four sets of sinks
A mini-kitchen in the back (coffee machine, microwave, minifridge)
A lot of the best art equipment that our (not so wealthy!) school district can buy *more info on "a lot" later*
And a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

Examples of plastic tub contents:
Barbie doll pieces (heads, arms, legs, etc.)
Old toys

More info on "A lot":
In January, a pipe in the school froze and burst, flooding part of the school and damaging some of the art equipment (I think Mr. B said something like $16,000. Or sixty. Thousand. Or six thousand. Somewhere in the thousands!), along with some finished pieces, and like three kids' stuff(their lockers were right under the water flow).

Yeah. That's not good. We used to have *ALL* the best art equipment our district could buy, but some-number-in-the-thousands-that-has-a-six-in-it-but-not-hundred-thousands-dollars of it was destroyed by the flood.

Ash has food in her backpack. WTW??? (what the what???)


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