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Monday, May 21, 2012

Caving in to My Busy Week

Today, I went spelunking.
I also went Caving!
And crawling through tunnels!
And I got muddy!

Basically, I had fun.

So, this morning, I went to school, got on a bus, and took an hour-or-two bus ride to Maquoketa, IA. Then, I listened to someone who works there talk about the caves. After that, I went and spelunked. Spelunking is the sport of crawling through caves. Spelunking is fun. There was this one cave, Rainy Day cave, where I got all muddy. Muddiness is fun. But I washed off the mud.

Tomorrow, after practicing graduating, and eating lunch, I will be going to Plum Hollow and playing laser tag. And something else I can't remember. Mini golf, perhaps. There's probably other stuff, as well, but I don't know about it!

And Wednesday is graduation. At 7pm. And afterwards is a dance! Just for 8th graders! Before graduation, I am going to go get my hair and nails done. Yay I get to feel like a pretty pretty princess! And I actually have no idea whether or not the previous sentence was sarcastic or not.

That is my busy half-week.


Oh! I forgot something! Thursday is the last, last day of school! The quintessential twenty-minute day!
After 8:30AM Thursday, it is officially SUMMER!!!


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