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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Super-Stupid-Bowl Approaches...

Title: Tomorrow, Super-Stupid-Bowl forty-six-or-so is going to be playing all over TV.

You know, when I hear Super Bowl, I think of a giant bowl. Possibly full of flame.
(the Super Bowl was one of the topics for my "LAWNS" computer class thingy yesterday. I depicted it as a large bowl full of flames.)
Yeah, so... Anyway... Yesterday I had my Band pictures re-taken! The old ones made my face look fat. My face is NOT fat!
Ummm...... can't think of anything more to-
Yesterday, in Science class, I debated! My topic and point-of-view was against Therapeutic Cloning, which I actually support. But I was assigned that side, so I debated it the best I could. And I think... I did awesomely!

Another topic: Firefox is constantly coming up with new updates for me! I have 9.something.something, and when I opened up Firefox today, it said my Firefox is out of date! Gosh, can't I go a month without being pestered about Firefox updates? Really!

Yeah, out of things to rant about.


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