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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Logo!!

I just made a new logo, in celebration of us going to the State MathCounts competition!

I will explain now.

I will be attempting to blog from my Kindle on this trip, thus the "goes to". The stars are for decoration. The little "awareness ribbons" are also for decoration. The tiny text on the bottom is a little bit of info for you. The symbols on the bottom are... well, I'll explain.

"There will be no dogs, no smoking, luggage, money, and nerds. No denying it."
(symbol one: no dogs. symbol 2: no smoking. symbol 3: luggage. symbol 4: money. symbol 5: nerds. symbol 6: no "no" (thus the "no denying it"))
Aren't I so clever? I think I'll try in a minute to access my Blogger account from my Kindle, but I won't post. This is my last post for today, see ya!


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