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Monday, January 23, 2012

My AWESOMENESS Never Fails to Amaze...

Me, People, the People that Watched the Spelling Bee... etc.

Anyway, on with the post.

I got second place in the school spelling bee today! I know, I know, why am I not crying and moping, you ask. It's because I lost to the smartest guy in school, Kyle. I don't care that I lost to him, I still won! (In my opinion.)

Okay, off the topic of spelling bees, I will now present you with my Schedule of Awesome!
- -
Tomorrow- Find out if I beat Kyle at the MathCounts test!
February 11- Mathcounts competition!
Sometime at the end of February- County spelling bee!
March something- Music contest!
April something- Tri-County concert!
May 30- My Birthday!
June or July something- A wedding! Of one of my many cousins!
August I don't know what to who knows when- County Fair!
You all know about the big holidays.
January 14- ITTBM's THIRD Birthday!

But that last one's a ways away. Still, tomorrow is mentioned above! (Tomorrow is January 24, if you didn't read the post date of this post.)

Anyway. I can't think of anything to write anymore!


PS, I hope this was an adaquate post.
PPS. I know I spelled adequate wrong. That word was the cause of me NOT winning the spelling bee. *angry face*

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