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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, ITTBM!

Interesting Things That Bore Me (ITTBM) is two years old as of Saturday! Isn't that just awesome?

Okay, I really want to write something completely and totally awesome for this birthday post, but sadly, I have writer's block. :(

Like really, I want to write something totally awesome that will wow the pants off you, my readers. But I just can't! You pants shall stay un-wowed.

Still can't think of anything. So, I'm letting Fred the Psychotic Hobo take over for now!
- -
Hey blog readers, remember me? Fred, the psychotic hobo?

I'm baaack!! And less psychotic than before!

See, RJ told me that if I tried to be less psycho and more nice, I could continue to hang out in the basement and eat the abundant fruit snacks this house contains. I love fruit snacks...

Well, as ITTBM has been around for two years now, I think we ought to have ourselves a little party! But, RJ says no parties for me. I never get to have parties... But RJ does let me play with her abundant LEGOs! I love playing with LEGOs. They're so fun and blocky! I built myself a house with them, but I can't fit in it. If I could, I would move out of RJ's basement and into the backyard! Another not-so-good thing about LEGOs, they're not insulated! My house would be cold in all the snow outside!

Did RJ tell you that last Thursday we had a bit of a snowstorm? We did! She got out of school early because of the snow! And there's more snow now! RJ's attempting to build an igloo, well not right now of course, so maybe I could move into the igloo once she finishes it!
- -
Yeah, that's enough from Fred. He keeps pestering me about the igloo I started yesterday! Anyway, did Fred successfully wow the pants off you guys? If not, that's okay. It would probably be better if you kept your pants on in this cold weather!

Can't think of anything else. Hopefully I at least wowed the hats off of you! Even if you're not wearing hats! By the way, if you weren't wearing a hat when you started reading this post, it means it was wowed off you without being exposed to the awesomeness of this birthday post!

Now, to finish off this post, a birthday song.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear ITTBM,
Happy birthday to yoooou... | |
And here's a birthday caaake...

RJ (and Fred the Psychotic Hobo)

Happy Second Birthday, ITTBM!

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