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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fair and Freshmanism

Yes, I know Freshmanism isn't a word, and I really don't care.

Today is the second day of the County Fair, and I'm home taking a break from it. I know, I know, why take a break from the fair? My feet are sore, that's why, and I need a little break to rest my feet.

In other news, school starts next Monday. I'm actually a bit excited, in part because I get to get away from my brothers for seven hours a day and in another part because I want to get back to school. Not the waking up early part, the bored part, or the homework part- the learning part, the having lunch every day at the same time part. (Not that I don't like the whole meal schedule at home, Mom, I just like that I have lunch at the same time every day at school.)

I'm actually taking most of my semester electives second semester, except for general business. One funny thing - the Health and PE teacher's name is Whitebread. And white bread isn't really all that healthy! Nothing against the teacher, I haven't even met them yet.

Another thing I'm excited about is Spanish class. I already know some Spanish, but I get to learn more and take a structured class on it. Yay!

Anyway, that's all I can think of to write right now. I'll update you on my Freshmanism later, see you type to you later!



  1. Your lunch schedule is your own problem. Most of the time you eat Cheerios for lunch anyway, and you can time that however you like.

  2. Spanish class is an elective. Just sayin.