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Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I Think Tubas are So Awesome.

Well, since my last post was so educational, I think I'd better make this post fun. If you haven't noticed, my last post was on the number "pi". This post is about tubas and why I think they're so awesome. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuba A wikipedia page about tubas. Well, since the educational part is over, I'll tell you about why I think tubas are awesome.
1. They're so big and shiny.
2. They play really low notes, and make higher ones sound low.
3. Tubas are like 4 feet tall, and that's bigger than just about every other well-known musical instrument except bigger tubas!
4. You can fit a small dog/cat/child in the top of one.
5. Even if a tuba is old and dented, it still looks cool.
6. They come in a smaller size! It's called a baritone/euphonium, and both names are used for the same instrument. A better name for a baritone/euphonium would be mini-tuba, because it sounds a bit more realistic than giving it a whole new name!

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  1. Wanna check #4? In about 6 months, I mean. It'd make a cute picture.