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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation's Tomorrow!! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Vacation is TOMORROW!! Which means that at about 2:00pm tomorrow, I will be heading to Council Bluffs, Iowa! I plan to play Sims along the way, as there's no internet on the highway. But that's only if I bring the disc for the game. Oh, and I want to post a map of the approximate route for vacation. If you want, you can MapQuest it yourself. If you're interested, that is. Anyone reading this, please comment so that I know how many people read my blog(yes, that means you, too, Mom!). Well, since my printer's not hooked up, I can't scan the picture; it wouldn't work from MapQuest. For now, I'll do a link. Here's the approximate route for vacation. Check it out! You know, I only just figured out how to make non-link text into a link. I've seen it before on my mom's blog, but I never knew how to do it until this post. I'm posting this for now, I'll hook up the printer-which can scan too-and get back to you with the picture.

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  1. I read this! Why do I find out that you need a USB printer cord from a blog rather than from your mouth? Hmmmm.