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Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Day!

Today is the day I go on vacation. I have things to do in the truck, things to do before I leave, and things to do at the hotel. I plan to Map Quest directions for each day so I can navigate, and I will put those directions, without the pictures, on a Notebook document since there's no internet on the highway.
Okay, now that the Map Questing is done, I can get to checking Facebook one last time and finishing this post before packing up the laptop. Well, I do have until 2:00 to do stuff, so I don't know if I should pack up the laptop just yet. Who knows? By the way, I was on Map Quest with the copy/pasting for at least half an hour, so the line up there with the stars is a time gap. I will be posting a picture or two in the next post for today, and it will probably -oh, God, I sat on the remote and changed the channel to a soap opera!- sorry, got off topic there, okay, the picture in tonight's post will probably contain either scenery, action figures, or Mango the bat. Mango came with on my Arkansas vacation 2 years ago, and she's coming with now. Gonna check Facebook now, a time gap star line will probably come soon. Not a half-hour one, hopefully!
Back now. I don't know what to do! I have an hour and a half until vacation. Gonna go not be bored, I'll be back soon with a time gap!
Well, actually, gotta go for vacation early.

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