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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tubas and Baritones: What's the Difference?

Ok, I've decided to explain the difference between tubas and baritones.

  1. Size: Tubas are huge. Baritones are just big.
  2. Music: Tubas read ONLY bass clef. Baritones can read either treble or bass clef.
  3. Notes and Range: Tubas play lower notes than baritones, and have a larger range because of that.
  4. Tone: Tubas have a deeper tone than baritones.
  5. Variety within category: This means the different types of each, and the variety of names for them. Tubas have sousaphones within their category, and baritones have euphoniums and the alternate name of mini-tuba.
  6. Superpowers: Tubas can have small children put in them, and baritones can have apples and small balloons put in them. I have experience with the baritone things.
  7. Similarity with other instruments: I mean names and size similarities with other instruments. Trumpets and cornets have the size thing, saxophones have the name thing(Tubax and Baritone Saxophone(Bari Sax), along with other instruments.
  8. Awesomeness: Tubas are more awesome(awesomer?) than baritones, because they're bigger. But baritones still rock.
  9. Ability to be blogged about: This is my 3rd or 4th mention of baritones and tubas in a blog post. That's just cool on its own!

I really have to go now, my brother's getting into something!



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