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Friday, July 23, 2010

I need a pool!!~~AGAIN!!!

Well, I'm out of Yellowstone. Yellowstone doesn't have internet.

Or pools!
AND, neither does this hotel. So, this will be the 4th day of this vacation without swimming! Hopefully, Laramie has a pool! The reason I really want to swim now is that I saw people in Yellowstone swimming in a special part of one of the lakes set aside for swimming. Before that, I had no problems with the lack of pools in Yellowstone.

So... pool needed! Jackson, Wyoming, is a ski town. People want hot tubs, not pools. Good for them, not good for me!

Random fact/ weather info: NW Illinois will be experiencing a lightning storm sometime around 6:30pm today(Friday, July 23).

Okay, you're probably bored with this now,


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  1. Random fact: A dam north of Cedar Rapids failed today and flooded part of Iowa. Hope this doesn't affect your trip.
    Also, John Travolta was in Rock Falls today.