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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Excitement! YAY!!

Okay, I get that I haven't been on in, what, a month. Sorry, but I've been busy, what with hanging out with my friend, yes, only one; watching 2 seasons of In Plain Sight, my favorite show of June, and the third season the day of the season 3 finale; and getting ready for vacation. Yes, vacation. I'm going to Yellowstone National Park, you know, the one in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, but mainly in Wyoming. I will be away from home for 11 days, but I'll still blog! I'm bringing the laptop with, and will try to take a nice picture for each post. I'm already packed a lot, but there's still a few things left. Like my phone, pills, and hat. I can't pack my hat, because I'm wearing my hat right now, and I have to take my pills before then. My phone, I do still have to use that before vacation. Otherwise, I'm doing good. I will be on vacation from the 16th to the 27th. That means there's still 5 days until I leave. Actually a little less than that! The places I will be are: Council Bluffs, Iowa; Rapid City, South Dakota; Billings, Montana; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming; Jackson, Wyoming; Laramie, Wyoming; Lincoln, Nebraska; and then home. I will be in SD for the weekend, in Yellowstone for 3 days, and in Laramie for the next weekend. In case you're wondering, I packed the laptop and I'm using the desktop computer right now. Okay, you probably weren't wondering about that, because the only person I know of that reads this is my mom. Oh, well, now I'm bored.


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