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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Funny Poem

This is a funny poem I wrote.


  1. My hat is awesome
  2. It looks better than a dead possum
  3. It is red
  4. It sits upon my head
  5. My hat is plaid
  6. I think the possum's name was Brad
  7. It is also black
  8. I think the possum got squished by a yak
  9. My hat I do love
  10. That yak I would like to shove
  11. Oh no! A dove stole my hat
  12. The yak was fat
  13. I wish the yak would eat the dove
  14. There would be no terror from above
  15. But the yak would just get fatter
  16. And it would shatter the ladder
  17. Ukuleles bother me
  18. Do not ski into a tree
  19. Oh look! There goes the yak
  20. It's heading out for a snack
  21. Maybe cookies, maybe cake
  22. Maybe possums on a rake
  23. I want my hat back on my head
  24. I wish the possum wasn't dead
  25. Oh look - where's Brad?
  26. He might have ran off to go see Chad
  27. Chad is a fat yak
  28. The one that ran off for a snack
  29. I wish they would come back
  30. To launch a dove attack
  31. I wonder what that dove is named
  32. I hope my hat is not stained!
  33. I'll call the dove Ted
  34. Hopefully he likes bread
  35. I hear a yak!
  36. My animal friends have come back!
  37. We must attack Ted
  38. To get my hat back on my head
  39. Oh - look at that
  40. Ted decided to give back my hat!

That is the poem I wrote for my English project. The hat is actually real. Go to: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_DYyFjDeifR0/STwqbVB7u7I/AAAAAAAACQc/jkuDKOpoKvU/s320/WetSealBuffaloPlaidFedoraHat.jpg To see a hat like my hat. My hat doesn't have the black strip of fabric near the brim, though, the plaid just continues.

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