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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wikihow, a website for us all!!

Wikihow is a website that everyone should use! It includes useful articles, such as How to come up with a catch phrase, How to write a book, and How to make small talk. It also includes useless but very funny articles, such as How to smile, and How to type. Everyone knows how to smile, right? You know, Wikihow is very useful, and it has all sorts of articles. Useful or stupid and funny, Wikihow articles come in all shapes and sizes. There's How to buy an Ipad, How to create a blog, and other technology-related articles. There's relationship-related articles. The main categories are: Arts and Entertainment; Cars and Other Vehicles; Computers and Electronics; Education and Communications; Family Life; Finance, Business, and Legal; Food and Entertaining; Health; Hobbies and Crafts; Home and Garden; Holidays and Tradition; Personal Care and Style; Pets and Animals; Philosophy and Religion; Relationships; Sports and Fitness; Travel; Wikihow; Work World; Youth; and Other.

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