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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Room is Red and Blue!! / The Annoying Talking Road Whiz (and other cool contraptions)

As you may have noticed, this post is an amazing 2-in-1!! That means twice the interesting things, without twice the boredom!! ---- My Room is Red and Blue!! -- My room has gone from being a delightfully purple purple to being a masculine red and blue within the past 12 hours!! That's quite fast, if you ask me. The reason for this is that my brothers are outgrowing their small bedroom and I'm just one person, so I'm moving to their current room and they're moving into their new room. See? Neither one of those rooms are mine! Yet, of course. I even have a color picked out! Oh, and I just GUESSED the url of the Behr paint website and got it right on the first try!! I ROCK!!! Anyway, I'm gonna do something on the Behr website, so hold on a sec. (insert Jeopardy song here) Well, I can't put the link to the sample room photo in here because the site is stubborn and won't let me, but I might be able to google the color to show you. Behr Deep Violet The link ^^^^^ Pretty, isn't it? Okay, that's enough for the first post, I guess. ---- The Annoying Talking Road Whiz (and other cool contraptions) -- This post is about cool contraptions. (insert 7 hours of sleep here) I can only think of two cool contraptions, but that's okay, because I've had a whole night to forget my plans for awesome blogging. The Annoying Talking Road Whiz The annoying Talking Road Whiz is a tool for highway help. Looking for McDonald's? Just turn the Road Whiz on, enter the state you're in, push the "food" button, and enter the letters "MC". It's that simple! The downside is that it's very annoying. It has a mechanical voice that, when the Road Whiz is on, repeats the words "enter state" over and over for at least a minute before shutting off. Ugh, annoying!! The Awesome Electronic Paint Roller The awesome Electronic Paint Roller is a tool for quicker painting. Painting your room blue? Just put the paint can on the paint can holder, secure the lid, attach the clear tubing to the paint roller and the bottom of the paint can holder, attach the shorter tube to the paint can holder, put the other end of the short tube into the hole in the lid part, push the button on the paint roller, wait 2-5 minutes, and paint! The downside: It makes a mess, and it's loud. I dripped blue paint on the floor while using it. Even though there is a drip tray, it kept getting in my way so I took it off. A couple minutes later, I dripped paint on the floor. It's loud enough to drown out the Annoying Talking Road Whiz, which is pretty loud anyway. It has this buzzing, demented-vaccum-ish noise. Ugh, also annoying! ---- So, I guess that's it for this awesome 2-in-1 post. Bye, RJ


  1. Tactile tunes. Press a texture to play!
    Bump baby bump. Bump bump baby bump.
    Let's go to school. Push one of my friends!

    My annoying contraptions are all children's toys.

  2. You should post pictures of your new purple room, as a follow-up.