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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Thoughts

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. That means that all the couples at school will be even more lovey-dovey than usual. And all the singletons will be... well, single! Sadly, I will be being single tomorrow. :(

Well, unless someone (is crazy enough to) decides to ask me out. I don't think anyone will (be that crazy all of a sudden), quite frankly! Unless they have a thing for female tuba playing bloggers obsessed with pi. Or, in Greek letters, π!

Yes, I can type Greek on my phone. I have a Greek keyboard!

Anyway, tomorrow I will be all aloney-on-my-owney and, in the midst of all the happy couples, it will not be fun!

You know, I'm hoping that someone suddenly (renounces sanity and) decides to ask me out. It would be nice, not being alone for a change!

Well, I can't think of anything else to say, so...


Edit: Actually, I have a plan for tomorrow. I myself will renounce sanity and tell the guy I like that I like him. Wish me luck? I know I'll need it!
Hoping I have enough courage,
(I'll tell you how it goes once it's done. So expect a post/edit on this post tomorrow.)


  1. Did you tell him? And why did you not update with news of your mystery admirer who sent you a flower at school? Hmmmmmmmm?

  2. I must not have posted that one. I was working on it Thursday. I'll see if it's still there and post it if it is.

  3. I checked my phone and the post disappeared. And I don't remember what I said in it so I can't just retype it.

    Yes, I told him. And I hadn't gotten around to adding that I had gotten the flower when I forgot to keep adding to the post.