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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is AWESOME!!!!!

I have traveled long distances in a few different types of vehicles. Minivan, pickup truck, but until today I have never been in a semi truck! It's so AWESOME!!

Today is the first day of scholastic bowl camp, and Tom's driving me down there in his semi. It's so high up above the other cars and my seat is giving me a lower back massage and I'm so excited!!

I'm also hiding my nerves with giddiness and glee. I'm really nervous about being with a bunch of strangers for five days, and not doing good at the tournaments and not making friends and what if my roommate thinks I'm weird because I have four bags for five days and cause I brought Brownie with me as a comfort of home. But then again I'm weird anyway. But I'm still really nervous!! Like what if I do really awesome at everything and everyone gets really jealous of me or what if Kyle is there and beats me at everything and I'm just second place like usual?

Not even my caramel frappe or Tom's country music can calm me down. I'm gonna eat my chocolate now, just gimme a minute.

Didn't help. It did make my frappe taste more bitter than usual though.
Brownie does have a calming presence, I guess.
God, I have to sneeze.
Ok I'm better now. 

Tom's truck clock looks wrong. It says it's 11:00 when it's really 11:01! He doesn't mind though, so I'm not gonna complain any more. We're at a toll area but we have an electronic payer thingy so we're good. And I think we already went through it when I was typing the above stuff. Mom told me to take pix to blog with so I'm gonna take one once I find something picture-worthy.

I'm gonna go to the camera now, I'll be back once I've got a picture for y'all. 
Proof I'm blogging from a semi! The rear view mirror as seen from my window!

Just saw a UPS semi going the other direction. I wonder if one of the many things Mom ordered online is on it.

Had to clean off my glasses. They were dirty!

I'm blogging without Internet*! And autocorrect insists that the word Internet is capitalized!
*I don't need an Internet connection to type a post, but I need Internet to publish a post. 
I think Tom is on the Internet though. He has more 3G allowance than I do since he uses 3G for work.

I just noticed that Tom isn't using the pedals. Weird!! Should I ask why?? Nah, I won't. It's probably just a quirk of semis.

Why is there a town called Normal?

Tom is charging his Bluetooth.


Tom is cleaning the windshield. It's less filthy now! Not dusty anymore, but there's still bird poop on it.

Why would a town be named "What Cheer"? Now that's weird!
Passing by a wind farm. Had to take a picture of a wind turbine.

There's about an hour and a half to two hours until we get there. Then I check in, put my stuff in my room, go to the orientation meeting assembly thingy, take the placement/aptitude test, eat dinner, and participate in the Wild Man Singles Tournament. After the tourney, I'll go to bed and sleep till tomorrow.

Check in at the college starts in a few minutes, but luckily it goes until three.
At three thirty, the orientation meeting starts, so I'll have at least half an hour to get my stuff into my room. That's good.

Luckily for you guys, I've been saving my 3G for camp. You'll get blog posts as often as possible! I'll try to update you every day, with my usual "use the phone at lunch" schedule, but with breakfast and dinner too, and every night I'll tell you how I did in that night's tourney. I'll tell you at dinner how I did in the optional side tourney, which I'm doing every day.

Had to get my phone charger, since Im at about 48% power at the moment, and I don't want my phone to be dead at dinner!

Hold on, I gotta text Mom real quick.
Never mind, she just called Tom while I was typing the text. Tom just responded to a question of hers with "no clue". I think it's about something with the new house and some tool or another. 
Weird electricy poley thingy by the side of the road!

Tom is screwing with Mom through text message! She hasn't replied yet though.

The highway is a jerk, according to the song on the radio. It just don't care.
And I know that's grammatically incorrect. But I don't care. Like the highway!

More screwing with Mom! *giggle*

Gotta text Mom now, back in a minute.

Back now. Waiting for her to reply though.

Once we get there, I'm gonna end this post and start another one in a live-blogging style. Like the birthday post I did in January, remember? If not, go read it! (If you want to, that is!)
Everyone back now? Good! So there's an hour and a half to an hour left till we get there.

The radio just reminded me of a schol bowl question about current pop culture! They asked about the song "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People, and it was on the radio just a minute ago. And Adele was on a few seconds ago! Tom was flipping channels to find a good country channel.

I hope nobody makes fun of my oversized blue crocs. Cause they're the only shoes I have for camp!

Gonna check what direction we're going. Be right back.
We're going south!

There's an hour left till we get there. So close!

We'll be there at about 2. So excited!

39 miles to Champaign! Yay!!

So, I'm here now. I'm gonna end this post here.


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