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Friday, February 12, 2016

Nerd State!

It's 4:15, and we're well on our way to state. According to Smithy, were have 44 miles left till we get to dinner.

Dinner will be at a pizza place, which I'm looking forward to, then we'll get to the hotel and get our things settled before (hopefully) going bowling!

I'm really excited for bowling, since I haven't gone bowling in like 4 years. I mean, I went to a bowling alley August before last, but I didn't get to bowl.

After bowling, we're going back to the hotel and playing Cards Against Humanity! I brought my set, and I'm curious to see the kinds of things the others on my team come up with. What kind of dirty minds they secretly possess...

It's 4:23, and nothing much is happening right now, so I'll stop until dinner. Conserving data and all that.

5:27- We'll be at dinner in about 15 to 20 minutes, but I wanted to say some stuff, just cause I'm random like that.

Brownie came with me! He's chilling on my leg right now, the lucky punk.

Speaking of phones! My iPhone decided to turn into a brick two weeks ago at our last Scholastic Bowl tournament, and since then, I've been using a flip phone that's about the same age as my youngest brother. That's 5, by the way. But last night, Mom, being the wonderful woman she is, traded phones with me, numbers and all. So I have a smartphone again! I can take high-quality pictures, and make blog posts, and listen to music!

Okay, now that Brownie's been announced, I've clarified stuff, and I've told you about my shite-brick of an iPhone, I'm done until after dinner.

7:30am- Ummm... Good morning! I was too excited for bowling, then Cards Against Humanity, to write anything more last night.

So we're on the way to the college for the tournament right now. Woo!

Breakfast was good. I had a small bowl of fruit loops and three and a half cinnamon rolls, as well as a cup of coffee. So I'm ready for the day!

I wonder if we're gonna be in the same building they did the Scholastic Bowl camp in a couple summers ago. If so, then I'll know my way around relatively well.

I'll get back to you once we get to the college.

5:41- Not again!

The tournament went... Rather well, considering who all we were competing against. IMSA was there, as well as R-A(that's what I'm gonna call them, for privacy stuff), whose playing is "a work of art" according to what another Scholastic Bowl coach told Smithy. We got to watch IMSA play HC(another privacy name), and there were 17 powers in 24 tossups. Oh, a power is when you answer during the first part of the question, when the only clues given are obscure. One team got 515 points, and the other got 350 points. This is out of... Hold on, let me do the math real quick...

865 out of 1080 potential points, with tossups potentially giving 15 each and bonus sets giving 30 points if all parts are answered.

That's 80%, if my calculator is to be trusted. Which I think it is.

They answered most of the questions before I even processed what they were looking for.
And these were college level questions.

I thought Kayla was crazy good.
If I'm the queen of Schol Bowl, these people are GODS.

I wish I was that good...

Heh. A girl can dream!

Oh, and I think I'll end the post here. It's pretty long as it is, and the only thing left for us to do is get dinner, and that probably won't be all that exciting.

Bye from the road!

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