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Friday, February 12, 2016

Sleepless, without the Seattle

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've made this kind of joke before, but I'm desperate for a title so I can just START TYPING!! And start TELLING YOU ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!!!

I can't sleep because I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Remember four years ago, when I went to State for MathCounts?
And you know how I'm in Scholastic Bowl?

...guess where I'm going!

That's right, I'm going to STATE! For Scholastic Bowl!

Just like last time, we're leaving in the afternoon today (Friday), staying in a hotel tonight, and going to the tournament tomorrow.
Okay, not exactly like last time, since there wasn't a tournament last time, just an assortment of tests.

And again, I shall provide an "introduction". With nicknames for the people I have nicknames for.
The Team:
Ern (pronounced like "urn"), our captain
McCrumpet/McCash (also known as Wonder Boy McCoy)
Raquel (I can't think of a creative nickname for her, so I'm just changing her name slightly)
Kayla (who's really smart, and I have no nickname for)
McClarinet/McCoin (McCrumpet's little bro)
Little Wild Bill (Mom nicknamed his dad Wild Bill when both were in high school, and it stuck)
The Coach:
Smithy (I've definitely mentioned him before)
Miscellaneous Info:
I call McClarinet and Drumhoff, who are BFFS, "Kassac" (pronounced kay-zak) collectively. Their voices even sound similar! At least, they do to me...
I need to come up with more nicknames for these people.

Oh, and I will be blogging from the road! This is a new development, actually, since I've been stuck with a five-year-old flip phone for the past two weeks, but Mom switched me phones for the weekend so I could take pictures with her phone's superior camera.
Now all I need to do is get the Blogger app. She shouldn't be too upset about that.

Now I'm gonna try to go back to sleep, since my preparation schedule didn't have any early-morning blog posts in it. Ooh, schedule time!
11:00 AM - shower
11:45 AM - pack
12:30 PM - do nothing
2:45 PM - eat lunch
3:15 PM - go to the high school
3:30 PM - departure
POST-DEPARTURE (all times are approximate)
3:30 PM - departure
5:45 PM - dinner at a pizza place
6:45 PM - get stuff into hotel rooms
7:00 PM - bowling!! (if we can)
10:00 PM - get back to hotel
10:00 PM - play Cards Against Humanity!!
12:00 AM - be asleep

Yep, we're playing Cards Against Humanity!! I'm bringing it, since the only thing Ern and Raquel (who suggested the game) have access to is a knock-off version, while I have the true Cards Against Humanity.

So, back to sleep for another 2 hours!

See you later!

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