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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's About Time...

...To be getting back to school!

Quite frankly, I'm really rather excited to be going back to school. I get to do band and hang out with Bean, I'll be getting to know (... um so there's world history, English, chemistry, and speech) five new teachers. Granted, I already know a bit about one of them, so yeah.

I'm taking nine different classes this year. And they are:
Band, world history, English 2, Spanish 2, PE, speech, drivers Ed, chemistry 1, and Algebra 2. Out of those nine classes, I have ten different teachers (there are 3 PE teachers, and I have a different one each semester. 2 semesters), and I already know 5. I've mentioned at least 2 of those five, Bean(band) and Smithy(algebra 2).

If I can, I'll live blog the first day, or the second and third days(A and B days, block schedule, remember?). So look out for a post on the 19th, since I'll either have a live blog or a post saying I didn't get a chance to live blog that day and I will the next 2 days.

I only know for sure the placement of one class in my schedule, band, since its always the same no matter what. I will definitely get my schedule the first day, but if I happen to find out earlier, I'll tell you. If I don't, it'll come on the 19th.

August 8-10, from 3-5 pm and from 7-8:30 pm, I will be at Bean's Band Camp. That is what I'm calling it from now on.
There, we will decide the color of this years band shirts, get the freshies up to speed on marching, and see how well the drum majors can handle us.

I have been working on getting prepared for another year of high school. I haven't gotten a school supply list yet, but I have written down what classes I have with what teachers, and yesterday I made multiple attempts at a map of the school. I'll try again later, maybe tomorrow if I have nothing to do, but I'm taking a break for now. At least I got the general shape of the building down by using an aerial view map and drawing the building's different roof sections. I even color-coded it by the purpose of the section underneath the roof bit!

I'm gonna relax a bit now, check Facebook and twitter perhaps. I had fun updating you!

Look for more posts over the coming weeks!


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