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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Day, Another-- WHAAAT?!

On the third day of Birthdaymas, my blogger gave to me...
A race against Sims 4 downloading

Yep, that's right m'dears, I got THE SIMS 4 for Christmas! Along with a BUNCH of other great stuff. But SIMS FOUR!!! I've wanted Sims 4 since THE DAY IT CAME OUT, which was September 2. So, I've wanted it for 2 months and 23 days. And it's 23% downloaded! Wait, 24%. 

Like when I first got my laptop(and Sims 3), I will type as much as I can before the game completely downloads. That will be rather difficult, though not because of time constraints, but because of my own creative block. 

27%, 28%, 29%...
It's almost a third of the way done. I'd better get cracking then. 

Other presents I got: a Keurig brewer( yay!) along with multiple flavors of hot chocolate (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Irish creme, and salted caramel); wireless headphones (they look really durable, so hopefully they can stand up to me); a thermal coffee mug (stays hot for 3 hours and cold for 6); a soft, fluffy, purple robe; 2 pairs of pajama pants; a pi shirt and a Loki shirt; a sticker for my door that says 221B Baker Street; a router/repeater (yay for hermitry!); a particle physics book; a college prep book; a necklace that says "I am burdened with glorious purpose" (cuz I am); two pairs of socks; a new pair of black loafers...
46%, 47%, 48%...
...treble clef/bass clef heart earrings; an infinity ring; and (not the last gift, but I can't list everything I got) a new phone charger (I go through those about as much as I do headphones).

56%. Over halfway there. 57%.

I'm sorry I didn't post between early May and Tuesday, but I got a bit caught up in my year. I typed up (or at least started) two posts in July, but they didn't make it out of the drafts. Again, sorry. 

61%, that's almost two-thirds. 62% now. 

63. Creative blocks SUCK. I want to type SO MUCH post for you, but I just can't!

65. Sorry about all the numbers, but I'm excited to finally get to play Sims 4. I got the free demo in the summer and made some Sims on it, so I'm gonna use the ones of Mom and myself to try the game out at first. 

69%...70%! Nearly 3/4 of the way through. 

Later today, we're going to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas. I'm rather apprehensive about it. 6 annoying cousins are annoying. One of them calls herself "antisocial" and yet she jabbers on to me about her friends. Plural friends. I barely have plural friends. There's Time Lord (the other tuba player), Ernest (fellow Schol Bowler), Mr. Bean (his birthday was Saturday), Band Buddy...

Okay, maybe I do have more friends than I think I do. Whatever. I was trying to make a point. 

83% now. Over 4/5ths of the way done. Now 84%. 85%. One of my molars hurts. Agh. 86--87%. SOOO CLOSE! 88%. My cat, one of my cats, had kittens two weeks ago yesterday. 89%. I'll put a picture at the end.

90%!!! 9/10 done!! 
94% (shut up, stomach!)
Once this is done downloading I'm gonna go have salted caramel hot cocoa. 
99%.........communicating tension...

Im gonna start this thing up and make myself a nice cup of caramel cocoa. See you tomorrow!

Happy Stuff and Merry Things,

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